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Cervical Cancer

16 Jan 2016 16:14

Hello -

I was diagnosed with stage 2A cervical cancer 3 years ago.  I had 26 rounds of external and 6 rounds of internal radiation along with chemo.  Due to a bleeding event prior to my diagnosis I was not able to have surgery. I know how scary a diagnosis can be, the treatments,waiting for results,  the recovery.  If anyone would like to ask me questions about my experiences, please do so. Obviously everyone's cancer is different and only doctor can give medical advice,  but sometimes it helps to talk to someone who's been through it.

Prayers to all that are facing this disease.

Laura P.

Cervical Cancer

19 Jan 2016 14:16 in response to LauraP

Hello Laura,

How nice of you to offer to help and to share your experience with others who may be in the same situation today that you were in three years ago. I am sure they would love to hear about your experiences.

As you say, it does help enormously to talk to someone who has also been through the same experience as it makes one feel less alone. I will definitely think of you when someone with cervical cancer posts on the forum and I will make sure to point them in your direction!

How have things been for you three years on?

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Cervical Cancer

22 Jan 2016 01:11 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hello Lucie -

I have been well these past three years.  I came across this site and signed up because I understand the fear, being over-whelmed and just numb when confronted with a cancer diagnosis.  I want people to know that they can get through chemo, radiation and all the side effects.  I wish I would have had someone like that when I went through diagnosis and treatment.

Please do send anyone my way that you think might benefit from having someone to ask questions of.

Peace to you.


Cervical Cancer

22 Jan 2016 04:30 in response to LauraP

Hi, Laura, I am so pleased that you have been cancer free for 3 years, that is wonderful news.

Unfortunately cervical cancer can be aggressive as in my case.  I had a hysterectomy which removed womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix but by my first check up 6 weeks later it had spread to my peritoneum,  and pelvic area with enlarged nodes attached to bladder and bowel. This was in January 2015 and I was given 12 - 14 months.  I plod on from day to day, this forum and its wonderful people have helped enormously with support.  We have to accept some things in life, but at the same time be positive.

I do hope your good health continues, Laura, and that you visit us here whenever you want, we all need support.

Cervical Cancer

23 Jan 2016 01:26 in response to Pauline4

Hi Pauline - I will pray for you. I want to tell you about an experience after diagnosis but before treatment started. I had a bleeding event from the cancer and I lost 2/3rds of my blood and blood pressure dropped to 52/30 on the way to the emergency room. By the time I got to the hospital I could not move or speak or see.  I could hear the doctors and nurses talking about me, but I couldn't respond. I remember that I was calm and at peace and there was no pain. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. However, the doctors hand pumped blood into my body and I came back to life and here I am today.  I am grateful for that but if I had died that night, it would have been ok.

Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

Peace, Laura

Cervical Cancer

7 Feb 2016 19:31 in response to LauraP

Hello Laura,

Guess what? There's another Laura, laura2015, who posted today and who was diagnosed with cervical cancer nearly a year ago. She is feeling stressed and anxious and I thought of you, not only because you share the same first name, but because I suspect you may have dealt with similar feelings before. You can find her post here. I also mentioned your thread to her.

I hope the Lauras get chatting soon Wink


Cervical Cancer

14 Feb 2016 03:55 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thank you! I posted on that thread.  I hope it helps her.

Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 13:49 in response to Pauline4

hi can I ask you was you getting pain and bloating of tummy before you were diagnosed 


Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 19:14 in response to LauraP

Hi Laura am just knew on here iv just read Al you went through and  I must say you are a strong women. Hope you are well 

Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 19:34 in response to LauraP

Hi Laura I'm so pleased to have come across your story that shows it doesn't always mean the end i had a colascopy on Friday and the gynocologist seems sure i have cancer of the cervix but just waiting for the confirmation from biopsies taken its all so strange i haven't felt ill just tired and slight spotting between periods i thought it was nothing until i went for my first smear at 34 i .know.and it's rollercostered from there talks of mri scans Macmillan nurses ,removing my cervix etc i hope my story ends like yours xx

Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 22:39 in response to Kkk

Hi K,

I am doing well, thank you! But I didn't (and still don't) always feel strong but I have strong faith and that helps me. And, this website has helped me many times over the years. It is so important to follow up on your appointments and conquer medical anxieties (which I still have, but it is easier to overcome). After going through what I did in my cancer journey I want to make sure people know that you can get through it! It is scary and sometimes rough, but you can do it if you have to. One day, one appointment, one scan, one test result at a time. Don't google anything.  I hope you will feel free to reach out if you have questions I might be able to answer.

Laura xx

Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 22:48 in response to tullulah1

Hi Tullulah,

No, cervical cancer isn't always "the end" for everyone. I am very lucky!  Just know that you can get through treatment if it is needed. Chemo/radiation isn't pleasant but you can do it. Focus on being the most healthy you can be, if you smoke, quit.  I was a 35 year smoker and had to do it.  Like I said to K above, take it one day, one appointment, one scan, one test result at a time and don't google anything.  Let me know what you find out and if I can answer any questions, please feel free to ask.

Laura xx

Cervical Cancer

2 Nov 2019 22:54 in response to LauraP

Thank you Laura 

I suppose that what I have been doing look at goole for answers it was making me worse just one step at a time as iv not been diagnosed with cancer although she said she thinks it is but not 100per sent sure she said am on waiting for my biopsy results I hope and pray everyday day as some people are different just the waiting am bad with anxiety now and sit with my phone clued to my hands incase I miss appointment. I know there important that's what the nurse said also take one step at. Thank you Laura x

Cervical Cancer

3 Nov 2019 18:05 in response to maxmill

Hi Maxmill,

I didn't really have pain and bloating but I did have a hard time eating much, always felt "full".  I did have a dull ache most of the time that felt like period cramps that came and went. 

Laura xx

Cervical Cancer

3 Nov 2019 18:20 in response to LauraP

thank you 

good luck to you you sound a strong lady ❤️

I go to my appointment In the morning and I feel so so

worried and I know worrying won’t change anything but 

I just want to know what’s wrong I feel the worse tbh because I feel different in my body too 

my mum and sister coming with me to my appointment I’m having a colposcopy tomorrow