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Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

12 Oct 2019 20:48

I have been reading the posts on here and I am touched at the replies people have received and the strength of people to help others after l losing a loved one. 

I am 23 and currently caring for my dad at home. He has been given 4 months around 2 months ago and I am beginning to see a big change. He is sleeping alot more, his appetite has decreased and his mobility is limited. Reading posts on here, this all sounds very common in the later stages of prostate cancer. He has had his ups and downs over the past couple of months but I'm scared this is his final down hill. 

We have had some conversation before this down hill about what he would like funeral wise and so on but now his speech and conversation has decreased I'm so scared of him dying and not saying things he wanted to say or knowing what to say to him before he dies. 

I want to know if anyone has any advice on anything to help us both come to peace with him dying? 

I am learning from this forum that every situation is different and that there is no way to deal with this but any advice that has helped to make it easier that would be great.

Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

13 Oct 2019 03:17 in response to Cally23

Hi cally main thing is be there for him keep talking to him anything and everything news family old holidays, things that were a laugh, they say sound is last to go (hearing) but remember to look after yourself as well have you got macmillan or Marie curie coming to him make sure he's drinking, something even if he's not eating much,, God bless.. Billy 

Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

13 Oct 2019 14:42 in response to Cally23

Really sorry to hear this, hope you get strength to deal with this. Can I please ask how long he had this cancer? And where its spread?

Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

15 Oct 2019 09:26 in response to Billygoat

Thank you, the nurses from the hospice have been great but while it is still very up and down I don't know what to tell them really. 

Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

15 Oct 2019 09:28 in response to Goodluck

Thanks, he told me in June but I'm pretty sure he knew at the end of last year. They have told us it has spread to his bones, his nerves in his spine as well. 

Caring for my dad with terminal prostate cancer

15 Oct 2019 09:37 in response to Cally23

Hi Cally ... 

There's no easy way round this .. think we all just do the best we can .. what's right for one is not right for all .. but oh  my, just having a hand to hold on that last journey means so much ... it's more then a thousand words ... some things don't need words .. though like Billy says .. the last thing to go is hearing, so you tell him all what's in your heart, he'll hear you ..

Try to live in the day, every day .. and don't try to do the right thing ... there is no right thing to do .. I'm sure he's so proud of his girl .. that baby he held , that turned into a loving adult who's with him right now ...  I know that's all I'd want .. my son's hand .. 

Sending you a vertual hug...  Chrissie ❤