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Cancer of the tongue

18 Oct 2019 14:44

Hi Lee, I think I am in a similar position to you, having had a small lump in my tongue removed and the diagnosis being a high grade minor salivary gland cancer.  I was so sure it would be nothing serious so am a bit stunned. An MRI showed it has not spread yet and I am meeting the surgical team next week because not enough was removed the first time, so naturally I'm concerned how much will be taken this time and will eating or speech be affected.  I hope you'll accept my sympathy and whatever treatment is offered will sort the problem out.

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Cancer of the tongue

20 Oct 2019 15:18 in response to SMT


I can see your post is intended for another member so I've done a bit of detective work and I think I've found who you were trying to reply to so I'm going to include a link to their discussion just here. If I have found the right member/discussion all you have to do is click on the pink 'reply' button at the bottom of their post to make sure they receive your reply. 

Wishing you all the best for your meeting with the surgical team next week SMT.

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