Together we will beat cancer



20 Oct 2019 22:33

I lost my lovely husband with cancer this year it was so quick he was having blood tested every much doctor told us to go to hospital we did doctor said at hospital go home u look well two times this happened then doctor rang us we are sending you to hospital to see another doctor we went he sent him for blood tested four days later phone call off doctor saying it was cancer of the blood we went on holiday but four days into are holiday he became so in so we had to come home he was in hospital they  done a bone marrow test they come back next day he had 6_8 weeks he wanted to be at home where I looked after him he passed away four weeks later I cannot stop crying I feel so empty with him 


21 Oct 2019 00:36 in response to Buttercup11

Hi ime so sorry its agony i think all you can do is cry till you cant cry anymore i losts my liz just over a year ago its easier now but it still hurts are you getting much support ?? Do you have kids and relatives helping i could give you some advice but it will not help the pain just make it more easy to deal with as ive been through it myself .paul