Can you help us develop a ‘stop smoking’ guide?

25 Feb 2016 13:14

Smoking is still the most important preventable cause of cancer. Two thirds of smokers say they want to stop but it can be really hard without support. So, we’re developing a guide to help people stop smoking, to raise public awareness of different quit support aids, and encourage successful quit attempts.

To make sure the guide is as useful as possible for those who need it, we want to develop it with the help of people who have stopped or tried to stop smoking.  By telling us about your motivation, the difficulties you faced and any tips that helped you along the way, you’ll help shape a guide that will support others in their attempts to stop smoking.

We are keen to hear from as many people as possible from a range of different age groups and experiences so please share this opportunity with your family and friends, in particular those who have stopped smoking in the last year. They don’t have to have been affected by cancer or have any specific knowledge – all experiences are welcome.  We will provide you all the information and support needed to get involved.

How to get involved:  We would first like you to share your smoking experiences through a short survey to help us shape the content of this guide. We will then use this feedback to develop the guide, and if you wish, you can provide further feedback by reviewing a few drafts of this guide over the next 2 months over email. The time commitment will be about 20 minutes to complete each short answer form.

If you’re happy to share feedback on drafts of content, there will be three or four short answers forms to complete between March and May 2016.

To sign up and for further information, please email by Monday 14 March. Alternatively, call 0203 469 8777

Please include your age, whether you are a smoker/ex-smoker and what approaches you’ve used to quitting in the past in the email. We will contact you shortly with your first short survey to share your smoking experiences.