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Can someone help me with my questions please.

7 Mar 2018 23:56

Hi my 18 year old brother was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 in July and he had treatments since then but the treatment can’t help him to get rid of it and since then is getting worse and worse and he just had a scan few days ago and cancer spread to brain and my question is this ,,how long does he have to leave,,

i can’t stop thinking that he going to die so painfully 

the only reason why I want to know because I’m from Romania, and if he’s going to pass away i wanted to take him to Romania and bury him in my country all this has to to with my tradition.

Re: Can someone help me with my questions please.

8 Mar 2018 08:34 in response to Mada

Hello Mada.  I am sorry to learn of your brother's illness; this must be so difficult for you and the worries about taking him back to Romania must add to your grief.  I am sorry that I cannot give you an answer about how long your brother may have; even professionals cannot always tell accurately.  I think you may find it helpful however to ring the nurses on this website (Freefone 0808 808 4040) who will be able to give you better guidance.  Alternatively you could repost this enquiry under Ask the Nurses.   Annie

Re: Can someone help me with my questions please.

8 Mar 2018 08:45 in response to Mada

Hi Mada. I'd like to add my sympathy to that expressed by Annieliz.

Regarding burial in Romania, it's something where you're going to need specialist help.  I've just had a look on the UK government website, and there is some information there about bringing someone who had died outside the UK back into the UK for burial.  However, there appears to be nothing on taking someone who has died in UK out to another country.

So, I suggest you try your own country's government website first (if it has one).  I then suggest you contact some funeral directors in Romania and ask them if they have any experience of bringing people from the UK for burial in Romania. You could also try one of the large funeral directors in the UK, such as the Co-op funeral care to see if they can offer any help and guidance.  

It is probably better to have plans in place before your brother passes away, rather than trying to arrange everything in a hurry after the event. I fear you are going to need deep pockets as this will be an expensive operation. 

Once again, let me express my sympathy. 

(Note. I am not associated in any way with the Co-op or any other funeral service)