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Can curry cure cancer?

8 May 2012 16:25

Did you see the news about the curry spice extract curcumin for treating bowel cancer? Let's be clear, curry doesn't cure cancer, but the headlines are about an early-stage clinical trial that we're funding to see if curcumin could improve the treatment of advanced bowel cancer. Our bloggers looked at the trial HERE

What other daft headlines have you spotted in the media? I think we must have seen everything from Popcorn to Grapes!

Re: Can curry cure cancer?

7 Aug 2012 16:32 in response to Moderator Sarah

Curry cannot cure cancer, but Curcumin, the stuff that gives Turmeric its yellow colour does have cancer prevention properties. It's certainly worth introducing it into your diet weather you have had cancer or not. As well as lower alcohol and meat consumption it may also be the reason Indians , especially those in rural India, have very low rates of certain cancers like colorectal/bowel cancer.

Re: Can curry cure cancer?

7 Aug 2012 21:44 in response to BaltiBen

Hi BaltiBen,

Could be, sure enough, but I'd also want to see some study that is corrected for any age bias. I don't know, but I'd hazard a guess, that life expectancy in rural areas of the Indian subcontinent is lower than in the UK (for example). Most cancers are typically late onset, and if people are dying from other causes, younger than those that get colorectal cancer in the UK,  this could explain lower rates of the disease.

Turmeric is worth introducing into your diet anyway because it tastes good and brightens up the plate!


Re: Can curry cure cancer?

7 Aug 2012 22:39 in response to Newbie

Hi Newbie

You have a point with the age thing, have a look at this link which seems to be saying Indians of advanced yrs also have a lower incidence.

Can curry cure cancer?

27 Apr 2016 20:09 in response to Moderator Sarah

Curry cannot cure cancer. Even curcumin like someone says which is the strongest anticancer part of curry can't cure cancer. Prevent cancer? Probably. Treat Cancer? Maybe, but very rarely. 


These are some links I found. 

This study shows one patient had a huge cancer response from curumin.

Another study showing stable disease from curumin.

And just an overview of curcumin.


Hope that helps



Can curry cure cancer?

28 Apr 2016 12:51 in response to Moderator Sarah

Curry ... Hot Topics ... nice link!