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Can anyone help I’m losing the plot...

22 Jan 2018 23:37

Does anyone else getting swelling in body? Especially in legs? My body feels heavy and I get really dizzi and blurry vision, ringing in my ears etc ! I was giving the all clear in 2016 for rectal cancer , I am 35. I was doing so well and feeling amazing.. now I have these strange symptoms back again? I get them after doing any excersise and also posture can trigger it. 

Before I was diagnosed with cancer I had the same things going on but worse and they said I had POTS (tumours can cause POTS) I had scans and test in August and all was clear .. I have a colonoscopy booked for next week and other test for heart etc but medics can’t find what is wrong they seem to think it’s in my mind (like they did for a year before I as  diagnosed.. 

does anyone else get any of these symptoms because I am starting to get so down and feel so lonely like I’m losing the plot


Re: Can anyone help I’m losing the plot...

23 Jan 2018 15:36 in response to Cartez

Hi there .. so sorry your feeling so low at the moment ... if you need to chat to someone qualified, you can call help line here or McMillan on 0808 808 00 00 and they may be able to help you understand more, so write down what you don't understand and hopefully will help as they are trained, 

I called them a couple of times when l was early on in my journey, and it really helped me ..l know how scary it is before you get treated ... your not alone ..... all the best ..Chrissie x