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29 May 2019 22:38

Hi, worried as had my 3rd mammogram 2 weeks ago and been recalled back for more tests this Friday. Is this common? 

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31 May 2019 22:11 in response to Ellie-Jane

Welcome to the forum Ellie-Jane.

I'm sure you will have an answer to this by now but I still wanted to reassure you that mammograms call backs are quite common. One of our regulars @Chriss ‍ had 4 call backs and a new member @teezes ‍ is having her second this Monday so both will understand how you were feeling before your appointment.

I hope everything went well today Ellie-Jane and you received good news. Do come back and let us know what happened when you can.

All the best,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

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31 May 2019 22:20 in response to Moderator Steph

Thank you so much Steph, that means a lot.i will update after my appointment on Monday 


kind regards 



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1 Jun 2019 00:13 in response to teezes

Hi there ...

Yea I'd had 4 call backs from mamorgrams... and one was just like a flat pebble ... yet they were all benign... and yes every time it was really scary ...

If i could go back in time, I'd have told myself, to worry, but not panic or do the "what ifs" they make it feel overwhelming... so fingers crossed , you'll just have lumpy boobs ... 

But if there is anything, there's lots of us breast lasses on here... and l had my 5th lump as positive ... and I'm almost 2 years down the road from my op and doing fine ... 

Let us know how you go ...  Chrissie x

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1 Jun 2019 12:27 in response to Chriss

Hi had my appointment yesterday, ultra scan and biopsy done, they are 99% sure it is cancer. So get the results of biopsy on Wednesday and meet surgeon on Friday. I was totally shocked and not taken it in. I am positive as can’t feel anything and if hadn’t been for my routine mammogram then I would not have known. 

Im being positive at the moment until I get the results of what I’m dealing with. 

Never thought it would be this news ;(

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3 Jun 2019 19:49 in response to Moderator Steph

Hello Steph,


thank you you so much for taking the time to reply to my worries and anxieties whilst I waited for my recall appointment. I attended my appointment today and the reason for the recall as advised by the  breast nurse  was due to the first mammogram showing that my left breast was smaller than the right side and they needed to rule out anything sinister as there was no other report to compare with.  The doctor carried out physical checks of both breast, mammogram and scan and confirmed that I was free to go as there was no further concerns.


Once again thank you, the 4 days wait was hellish but with cancer research chat I found comfort and solace.


warm greetings 



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3 Jun 2019 23:49 in response to Moderator Steph

Hi Steph,

i had further mammograms and scans last Friday. Doctor took biopsy of my boob and lymph nodes. She is convinced it is cancer, I go back this Wednesday for results. I’m being positive at the moment. All I can say, it is so important to have your routine mammogram as there was no lump to feel and the scan picked it up.

will update on Wednesday, fingers crossed it has been found early.