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Calcifications on my mammogram

25 Mar 2020 14:45

Hi everyone, im 57 years old and first time ive posted.

i had a mammogram on 4th march.. got a call last friday to say they wanted me to attend breast clinic for further assessment.

i went back on monday past and had mammogram ultrasound and biopsy. Consultant said There is no lump but  consultant said calcifications are between good and bad..he wanted tissue sample of calcifications. im out of my mind with worry.. imagining the worst possible outcome...a titanium marker was inserted.. does this mean he saw something? Theres no history of cancer or breast cancer in my family..  the wait for the call telling me when ill get results is agonising..

can anyone advise me.. 

Calcifications on my mammogram

26 Mar 2020 00:12 in response to JonBella


so sorry I can't answer your questions, just wanted to show you some support really. 

im going through similar, have been called back twice now but due to Coronavirus have been told I have to wait until July for my next appointment.

i have been told that the biopsy I had of my micro calcifications showed "some cell changes" and that I need to now have a vacuum assisted biopsy.

this all started with a lump on my right breast around a month ago, I went through the 2 week channel and had mammogram, ultrasound and a fine needle aspiration. 

I was told I had many cysts and they took an aspiration of one.

I received a call two weeks later saying the biopsy was clear but the consultant radiologist has found some calcifications on the left side so they wanted to complete stereotactic biopsy.

i haven't seen a consultant to ask any questions and when I asked the person doing the stereotactic biopsy she said she was just a pathologist. She also placed the titanium marker.

heres hoping you get answers way sooner than me! 

good luck 



Calcifications on my mammogram

26 Mar 2020 14:59 in response to Lsr281205

Thank you so much for your reply. Im just do scared at what lies ahead..  i really think biopsy redults should be available on the day.. i cant eat or sleep worrying .. im never sick or off work eith illness and this past 6 days have been a nightmare. I rrally appreciate your reply and i hope you get sorted soon too

Take care xx