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CA125 Test

10 Jun 2019 17:37

Hi, went back to the DR today to speak to the Female GP who took my CA125 to ask what the reading was as i was in shock when i was called back to see the GP (MALE YOUNG ) I have a scan booked in for Monday 17th June, and Gynaecologist on the 20th June, it all happened within a week, the reading is 85 Shocked worried sick DR tried to reasure me but nothing realy went in after the reading of 85, 

CA125 Test

12 Jun 2019 15:28 in response to _888_

Hi _888_,

I'm sorry to read about your worries. I understand how worried you must be, although try to focus on your next appointment and if possible keeping yourself distracted until you have clear answers about everything. I know this is easier said than done.

If you would like to discuss anything with our nurses, they're available on freephone 0808 800 4040 (Monday-Friday, 9-5).

I hope you're finding this forum a helpful place to talk about how you're feeling.

Wishing you all the best,


Cancer Chat Moderator

CA125 Test

12 Jun 2019 15:52 in response to _888_

Hi I know how you are feeling. I went for a scan last week and got a call from Dr to say a mass

had been found on my left ovary. Got an appt on Monday 17th to see Gynaecologist so am worried sick

I had a blood test for CA125 and that has come back normal (or so the receptionist said) but am still very worried. I haven't lost my appetite which is one of the symptoms but do have bloating and a heavy feeling which seems to feel worse now but don't know if that is because I am focusing on it so every little twinge is picked up. Dr has also tried to reassure me saying it could be just benign cysts or diverticulitis. I am hoping because my blood test was normal it isn't anything sinister.

Let us know how you get on. Good Luck!

CA125 Test

13 Jun 2019 17:15 in response to Musiclover

I’m also feeling bloated and my stomach looks like I’m 5 months pregnant, I try my best to distract my thoughts to positive thoughts, but I’m not having much joy there at all, next week can’t come quick enough, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it’s nothing to bad but my gut feeling is telling me different, iv got results 20th and I’m ment to be flying to Lanzarote on the 23rd how on earth can I tell my 5 year old grandson i might not be going, it will be his first holiday and he so excited, not told my children anything either, 

wish you all the best for 17th