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Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 17:00

I guess I'm looking for anyone with similar symptoms to myself having had an urgent referral to the breast clinic, by my GP this morning.

I've had tender breasts for weeks, but noticed it was far more on the left side. The right is back to normal. The left has a nugget type lump just above the areola. The areola is now darker and sunken in. It's sore and a bit itchy. 

Has anyone experienced this, or struggling with the awful wait? Urgent apps. are 2 weeks wait, but they do all tests in one day and can give biopsy results on the day. I think this is quite good. The worry is tough, especially as I'm a lone parent with a 7 year old.

Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 20:10 in response to MiniMum81


As you saw on my post, I’m in a similar situation. My urgent appointment is next Thursday, has been a slightly surreal day as what I went in to see the doctor for was ironically ok. The breast pain concerned him more and when he examined me found a lump which I hadn’t found.

 I have 3 kids, 11, 7 and 4 so a little drakes by the whole thing but hoping to be told nothing to worry about 

Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 21:09 in response to Budgie32

I still await my appointment through. The days are long eh?! I hope everything goes ok for you. I'm hoping others have experienced similar symptoms to myself that weren't too much to worry about, perhaps I'm clutching at straws. Keep in touch and good luck x

Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 21:32 in response to MiniMum81

Hi I was at the GP this morning got a referral to the breast clinic not sure how long have to wait. Found lump in right breast in  September it hasn't gone away and slightly increased in size and is near a small red area on the skin. I can totally understand about the anxiety and the waiting trying to keep busy told my husband today what's going on. Doctor and nurse were amazing this morning wasn't as embarrassed as I thought I would be. The hardest thing today was telling my husband about it. Praying  that all goes well with you. I am going to do a lot of art to try and relax. If you notice a lump or any change please don't wait get to the doctors quick don't think you are wasting their time.


Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 22:00 in response to Scottishwifie

Hi my referral was this morning too. I was told it would be within 2 weeks. I hope you hear soon. It's important to fill the time in but also glad I found others in the same boat on here. Art sounds a nice way to channel your energy.I'm sorry you're going through this and that you found it difficult telling your husband. Keep me posted how you get on. 

Breast clinic referral fears

11 Nov 2019 22:44 in response to MiniMum81

Will definitely keep in touch thinking of you as well. I always worry about other people's feelings don't like people being upset. Will let the kids and rest of family and friends know when I get results good or bad. My faith is helping me as well. I am even getting  lots of ironing done keeping busy. Probably a good time to spring clean the house as well.

Breast clinic referral fears

12 Nov 2019 00:57 in response to Scottishwifie

Even housework is a good distraction! I'll keep the post updated when I have my appointment etc

Breast clinic referral fears

12 Nov 2019 02:32 in response to MiniMum81

Hi again

Being referred to the breast clinic doesn't always mean they think its cancer - its the only place that have the technology and specialists to see what is causing your symtoms. It could be a something simple like a cyst or blocked duct, fibroid etc.  The majority of people referred to the breast clinic won't have cancer. If you look through my 'replies' to others, in a similar position to you; most of them turned out to be benign.

I know its hard but try not to worry x

Breast clinic referral fears

12 Nov 2019 07:15 in response to Magpiemaggie

Hi MagpieMaggie thank you for your post yes I read that a high percentage is benign breast conditions. Yes I am trying not to worry it doesn't help a thing. Just have to wait and see. This forum has helped a lot thank you taking time to reply.

Breast clinic referral fears

12 Nov 2019 11:32 in response to Scottishwifie

MagpieMaggie I'm less worried since coming to the forum. Im probably more stressed as have other things going on as I have a congenital heart defect and need surgery, so this is just an added worry. Always good to have reassurances, so thanks. I'll post an update when I have one. 

Breast clinic referral fears

13 Nov 2019 11:01 in response to Magpiemaggie

Luckily I have appointment on Friday. The breast clinic nurse said allow 4 hours and results are given on the day. Strangely less anxious now I will know either way by the end of the week. 

No change from antibiotics though. My nipple has kind of collapsed in and lump still there. No point speculating, just staying present. Had an MRI re. my congenital heart defect today so another thing out the way!


Breast clinic referral fears

13 Nov 2019 11:29 in response to MiniMum81

Hi, I have recently found a lump in my left breast and also have been referred to a breast clinic. My lump isn't causing any pain but my skin has become so itchy. I'm only 31 so I'm hoping that it's just a cyst. I only went to the doctors on Monday (should of gone weeks ago) I can't stop googling things trying to find an answer for myself. The wait is killing me now knowing that there is a lump there and it isn't me thinking there is. Xx

Breast clinic referral fears

13 Nov 2019 11:56 in response to Stephp88

Hi Steph

I must say I felt a relief a day is set for my appointment and like you, find the wait is difficult. As many folk say on here, worrying won't change the outcome, so try and distract yourself.  Do let us know how you get on and good luck!

Breast clinic referral fears

13 Nov 2019 12:08 in response to MiniMum81

How long did you have to wait before getting the letter if you don't mind me asking? I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Feel like I'm driving myself mad as I don't want to tell my family and have them worry. X

Breast clinic referral fears

13 Nov 2019 15:28 in response to Stephp88


The breast clinic called me to ask if I could come along Friday morning. Perhaps a letter will follow? I was referred Monday morning by GP. Thanks for your good wishes, keeping my fingers crossed for you too! And breathe...