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Breast cancer

17 Feb 2019 22:11

hi I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery and waiting on further treatment. Family and friends have been great but they don’t understand how I’m feeling and don’t know who to talk to

Breast cancer

17 Feb 2019 22:51 in response to MommaT

Hi MommaT

so sorry that you are here but welcome!

one thing is for sure and that's everybody on here with BC or other cancers certainly do understand! Feel free to rant and get it all out there! Waiting for results is the hardest thing. It's good that you have had your surgery. Give yourself time to recover, spoil yourself and rest properly.

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on.This site is a constant support and you will get lots of advice too.

C x


Breast cancer

1 Apr 2019 09:18 in response to MommaT

Hi, I understand what you mean, with family and friends being supportive and they think they know how you’re feeling, when truth is, until your in the situation yourself, no one can truly understand, 

People won’t understand unless they’ve gone through this themselves, you can explain all you like but they won’t fully or truly understand.
The identity part I find really difficult, I don’t feel like me anymore, I’ve lost all confidence, and my personality has changed. I’m not my bubbly self I once was.  
You feel stuck in this whirlwind and see no ending, but you will leave that whirlwind behind in no time...I know how horrible it is and I know it can seem as though it’s never ending, but we will get there. It’s a massive journey, a rollercoaster filled with all sorts of emotions, I have good days but then I have bad days where all I want to do is hide away from the world, I hope you’re ok and your journey is on the up 

Sending hugs to you xx

Breast cancer

1 Apr 2019 09:56 in response to Ellie1989

You’re not alone in this journey.  Yesterday I had a wonderful day but today I woke up feeling miserable. Tomorrow will be different.  Its the emotional rollercoaster we’re riding. But we’re going to be alright.  The support here will help us.


Breast cancer

15 Apr 2019 18:06 in response to Ellie1989

Reading this. Totally resonates with me. I was diagnosed September last year. Had lumpectomy. More cancer found. So second lumpectomy. Luckily no chemo. Just radiotherapy. It’s knocked my confidence. Like you I was a happy bubbly person. Now I only see people when I feel totally ready. All my friends are moving on. They think I’m fixed. Inside I feel far from fixed. But I don’t want to be that person who ruins a nice social occasion by talking about IT. So on the surface I pretend to be fine. But it’s wxhausting. All people ask is when are you going back to work?  The thought terrifies me. I have a partner. And he tries. He really does. But he has no idea. And most of the time says it does the wrong thing. Which isn’t his fault. He just doesn’t know how to be around me. I started counselling 2 weeks ago. Really hoping that will help me. So I can fit into this new life that I’ve been thrust into.