Breast Cancer

19 Feb 2020 15:36 in response to Babs56

Hi Babs 

wow you have had a lot to contend with and you sound as though you handle it magnificently. I am not sure I could. 

Yes the radiothearpy is going really well. I go swimming afterwards and so far (8th session today) I feel fine. I guess it will start to knock me soon. Everyone says it’s an unavoidable consequence so I will have a nap in the afternoons I expect. 

I have looked out for MacMillan Well-being Days but so far no luck. I missed one that was on three weeks ago apparently. I need to keep my eyes open though because I am sure they are so helpful for many reasons. 

My breathing is a mystery?! I just struggle to keep the bar in the green and then get in a panic which absolutely does not help!! Not heard anyone else have this issue either ?! It’s not as if I suffer with asthma or any other breathing difficulties at all.  Even thinking about having to do it tomorrow is a bit of an angst situation, it’s ridiculous really. Hey-ho will just have to battle on!  

Sending you positive and loving vibes. 

Go well. 

Kebbs x