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Breast Cancer

20 Oct 2019 16:50

Well tomorrow I will be seeing the doc as nurse has found lump in breast any advice please Happy


Breast Cancer

20 Oct 2019 17:42 in response to Ronnieellie

Hi there ..

Firstly breath,  as 8.5 out of ten lumps are benign... so please don't panic ... my first four call backs from mamorgrams over the years were fine... the last one was a grade 3 breast cancer... but that was over two years ago .. still here.. still standing ( well I do exaggerate the standing bit) still sitting is more apt ..

If you go to breast clinic for tests .. don't worry, we always have those tests on lumps .. that's normal .. you may have a mamograme then a scan ... and maybe if they see anything benign or not, they like to take a biopsy.. which is like a sharp pinch... not nice but over in a flash... you may be given result on the day, or may have to wait to see the oncologist... 

The one thing I was really pleased I did was having my daughter in law there to hold my hand .. after we went for a Costa and a natter ...  but sharing all those appointments with someone is a real bonus as they remember things we miss .. and they can give you a high 5 for good news or a hand to hold if not ..

Let us knowhow you go ... I've got a tee shirt that says cancer touched my boobs so I kicked it's ass... so even a not so good diagnosis isn't always as bad as we thought ...

Chrissie x 

Breast Cancer

21 Oct 2019 14:39 in response to Chriss


I'm currently waiting for my biopsy results; I get these on Friday this week. the biopsy was taken a week ago following a couple of weeks of antibiotics that have not shifted a red lump/bite like mark and inflammation on my right breast. 

Had a mammogram and ultrasound and they have confirmed the size of the mark and also confirmed inflammation. then wham they said had to have a biopsy and this was done within minutes of the ultrasound. 

Due to the inflammation in the tissue I’m really struggling to get comfy at night :-(. doing my best to stay positive but finding it more and more difficult. 

I already suffer from an autoimmune condition that only effects 1% of the UK, now I’m scared I have inflammatory breast cancer.




Breast Cancer

22 Oct 2019 22:43 in response to Cookie3775

Hi Cookie

I had very similar symptoms to you and received my results today-no cancer just a large patch of inflammation!

I was terrified I had inflammatory breast cancer and convinced myself that my prognosis was poor etc. Sending you a hug and just letting you know that it can turn out well.

Natalie x

Breast Cancer

23 Oct 2019 08:34 in response to Natty5

Morning Natalie, 


Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so pleased that your results have come back and that you just have inflammation. I do hope I receive the same outcome. 

Cookie xx