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Brain tumour

18 Sep 2019 23:07

A family member has been diagnosed with a low grade glioma. Not sure what the result implications of this are but the hospital have said cannot drive and should not operate potentially dangerous machinery in case of fits. The problem is that the person's job involves chain saws etc and they are self employed. What as everyone else doing as if they stop using equipment they could loose their lively hood and their business. 

The discussion has been that yes there is a brain tumour but it is not cancerous ATM, so cannot access services and support a person with cancer can, but they still have a brain tumour. Any suggestions?


Brain tumour

25 Sep 2019 12:24 in response to Jkh


Welcome to Cancer Chat.

I’m sorry to hear your husband is having these concerns, but it’s good news that his diagnosis was benign. I can see that you haven’t had any helpful advice. I would suggest that as we are a cancer forum it may not be the best place to find the  information you need. I would suggest you talk to the lovely people at The Brain Tumour Charity. They have a helpline and a forum.

I hope this helps and you get some practical advice and support for your husband.

Moderator Anastasia