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Bowel cancer,cbd oil????

18 Aug 2019 14:14

Hi there, my mother has just been told she has bowel cancer after having a camera investagation, it is my understanding that certain cdb products can offer some sort of relief/help in this instance, if anyone can offer any information on this i would be extremely grateful,


Bowel cancer,cbd oil????

19 Aug 2019 21:32 in response to DREWBY

CBD oil can be very helpful but it is VITALLY important to get a good one.  Unfortunately, in this instance cheap does not equal good.

My advice is to get yourself along to a really good INDEPENDENT health food shop, ask to speak to the manager or the owner and ask them to recommend their best brands.  There are a lot of shysters out there, jumping onto the CBD bandwagon so please take advice.  

(I know all this because I used to manage a health shop and we were bombarded by CBD suppliers wanting us to stock their product.  Fortunately my boss is very knowledgeable and picky about such things).  

Good luck!