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Bowel cancer or Ibd?

8 Nov 2019 12:26



I have very strong bowel cancer family history mum at 45, uncle at 50 and grandma twice.  

1 may I had colonoscopy- 1 flat polyp found 


but a few months ago I started feeling an occasional stitch to the right of my ***** button. Small and defined. 

now I just get a full feeling there regularly and can feel my bowel swollen from touching my *****. I feel a long mass there and now also further down. It comes and goes. My husband has also felt it. It feels full there and I touch it and I feel it like a sausage. 

its not pain. It's just weird. No cramping. No blood. 

also diarreah since September. And a bit dizzy.


having blood test done. But a colonoscopy wasn't mentioned. 

my mum had a colonoscopy 18 months before a tennis ball sized tumour and my uncle 12 months before his. So while our gene isn't found it's based on flat polyp and fast growing. 

does this no pain sausage bowel that I can feel sound like anything? 

Bowel cancer or Ibd?

12 Nov 2019 21:29 in response to AmeliaL

Just to put your mind at rest I would go see your GP. Mention your family history and just let them check your symptoms.