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Bowel and liver cancer

11 Jul 2016 19:28

Hi all,

   I am currently awaiting an urgent colonoscopy to investigate a lump in the right of my abdomen & a change in bowel habit. I had blood results today which showed a raised bilirubin but other liver markers are normal. This had been slightly raised when checked last November, but is now almost 4x higher than normal. I am not anaemic & my iron is normal.  I also have bony pain in my upper arm and mid spine.   


Ive obviously jumped the gun & assumed the worst....


Just wondering what everyone else's bloods were like on diagnosis? 


I really want a liver scan, but GP has suggested I await the colonoscopy.  I'm really anxious about this and am considering going privately. 


Thanks for reading. 

Re: Bowel and liver cancer

13 Jul 2016 13:43 in response to Tad85

Hi Tad85, 

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and that your blood results have got higher as time has passed. Is the pain in your upper arm and mid spine quite bad? I hope it isn't causing you too much discomfort but if it is maybe you could speak to your Doctor - if you haven't done so already - and find out if there is anything you can take for the pain whilst you wait for the colonoscopy. 

You haven't mentioned when your colonoscopy is but I hope you don't have to wait too long. Maybe you could see what the colonoscopy reveals and if you're not happy or satisfied with the results then request a liver scan from your GP or go privately to have one? 

Hopefully others who have been in a similar situation will post soon but in the meantime you are more than welcome to give our specialist cancer nurses a call to seek further information and advice. You can call them for free on 0808 800 4040 if you are based in the UK and they are available Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m.

Please let us know how you get on when you do have the colonoscopy. 

Kind Regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator