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Bone cancer

8 Jul 2020 19:23

I have primary bone cancer. I was treated at the Royal Marsden in 2012 with methoxatrate and a medicine that I cannot remember the name of. My question is this how do I raise money for the RM hospital? I do not wish to participate in their annual fundraising walk in March but I am open to any other helpful fundraising ideas and suggestions as to what I could do. So far I have come up with timed bingo, a sponsored tennis match, a annual reading competition, a seasonal baking contest and a duck hooking competition. What else can I do? Thanks in advance.  

Bone cancer

10 Jul 2020 14:18 in response to christian96

Hello Christian

I just wanted to post to say it sounds as if you have some great fundraising ideas lined up already. We wish you all the best with your events! 

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