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Blood/mucus stool

22 Feb 2021 18:48 in response to jemstone123

Hi, I wasn't sure what that was. I've since checked. I have never had that . Don't worry we are here to help you through anything. I wish I could help you more, but I am here if you need to chat 

Blood/mucus stool

22 Feb 2021 19:12 in response to disneyqueen

Thank you and I am here if you need a chat too, hope you are all doing okay?



Blood/mucus stool

22 Feb 2021 20:45 in response to jemstone123

Hi, getting stressed a little because a little constipated and mucus is still there. Yesterday not very visible today more visible. People around me are stressing me out because they all have an opinion and no one is really supportive they just scare me by saying ooh it doesn't sound right it could be .....

to be honest I feel quite stressed now 

sorry I just need to be more positive otherwise I am no good to anyone 


Blood/mucus stool

22 Feb 2021 23:25 in response to disneyqueen

I am sorry you are feeling quite stressed about it and stress can only make symptoms worse if you want to private message me any time you are welcome to :). Some people are ignorant and need to maybe think before saying stuff to you, but maybe try and have a hot bath to relax and try to distract your mind, I tend to over think about these situations but at the end of the day all you can do is wait and see.


Take care of yourself, 



Blood/mucus stool

23 Feb 2021 10:39 in response to jemstone123

Bless you 

sometimes I need to chat private,y but never want to bother anyone. I try to just deal with things. I help others but never myself. Is that silly

i will try to relax and take a bath . Thank you so much for your advice and offer. You are right people just do t understand sometimes. A lot of people tell me oh just go to the hospital and get it over with. I want to say, have you ever had to lie in the operating theatre for a procedure in covid times having lost your dad to covid? But I say nothing and stress alone.

this group are wonderful and I've been upbeat but the last week or so I'm just very low because I don't understand what is happening 

no biopsies were taken and they want me to remove the polyps because they could do it last time. No is that because they didn't see anything to biopsy or they are waiting to biopsy the polyps? I think I'm low and my mind is working overtime. It's coming up to dads anniversary soon too

Blood/mucus stool

23 Feb 2021 15:58 in response to JCT199

So it turns out that I'm waiting for a phone call from the hospital, this has been scheduled for the start of April.. this will then decide either colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. I'm sick with worry, I honestly don't think I can wait so long but.... covid... Sad

On another note, the bleeding seems to be happening more often. I looked more closely this time and it was on the stool but only on one side, which I'm hoping makes it even more likely to be hemorroids? I never knew that you could have hemorroids and not have any pain/itching. Also (sorry to be graphic) I only get the blood if the stool is firm which I'm hoping is another sign of something less serious. 

I guess for now I just have to wait for the call in April, and then probably wait another month or so for the actual procedure. I'm going to try get an Anoscopy in the meantime.

Blood/mucus stool

24 Feb 2021 14:43 in response to disneyqueen

Hi again


Sorry I've not posted on her lately, I'd been quite busy.

Can you give them a call to ask them these questions directly? I know that when I was confused about some of my tests, I called my GP and asked them about it. And another time I arranged another phone appointment with my GP just to explain why I was worrying and see if i had a good reason to be worrying, and it did help having them explain everything to me again.

Im a bit concerned again myself. Since the doctor said I had hemorrhoids last week, I've been pretty constipated. Was in some discomfort for a few hours after the rectal exam but that went away, but then I couldn't go the toilet for about 2 days so I took a laxative which helped me go on Saturday quite a bit. Didn't go at all on Sunday or Tuesday and when I have been going, I'm having to push harder and it's coming out in more parts, often narrower and flatter in shape.

I'm a bit concerned as I didn't think hemorrhoids could cause this, though I may be wrong. I have my sigmoidoscopy next Saturday so at least I don't have much longer to wait now.

Blood/mucus stool

24 Feb 2021 16:55 in response to KNA1992


I called gp he just says wait to speak to specialist

they said I have a polyps that needs to come off. They took no biopsies either I'm not sure why not

since the colonoscopy I have become constipated too with mucus

honestly I'm a wreck. I thought all was ok 

am I stressing over nothing I'm not sure 

I'm just so tired now of constant worrying 



Blood/mucus stool

24 Feb 2021 17:42 in response to disneyqueen

I'm feeling totally the same. Wasn't worried over the weekend as I thought I probably was just overthinking how frequently I should be going the toilet but I've definitely had strange bowel movements for the past week. I think the best thing we can both do is listen to the doctors advice and wait for whatever the next step is.

Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 08:54 in response to sterbo

Hi Sterbo


Your symptoms sound like mine!

I've been feeling a strange sensation under my left ribcage for about 3 weeks. It feels like something is moving under there.

Ive  felt a pain which seems like its radiating from my left rib which were sore to the touch. So much so I had to use a muscle rub on them.

In the last few weeks ive had indigestion, fatigue, constipation and felt very lightheaded.  

I've  recently seen that my stool has red pepper/ tomato type of bits in it and im having bad cramping!

Can blood look like red pepper bits????

My stools are now all over the place and before this I was very regular.  

I've had blood work, stool tests, chest xray and an ultrasound, everything has come back clear.

I'm going to contact my gastro today and advise him of my new symptoms.  

I am so worried its unreal. 


Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 10:27 in response to KNA1992


I think you are right. I need to just listen to see what they say and do the tests they need. I've had to cancel my session at the colonoscopy to remove the polyps  because I've been called for my covid vaccine. I think I might just start ticking off things as I go along until I've had all the tests. 
I was told that if there is any blood in stool it could be that the polyps that sticks out can rub on colon and cause friction and make it bleed slightly. Can't explain the mucus or the fact that stool is in little bits like a rabbit lol well bigger but not in length. Honestly stress is awful.

the other thing I was told and did notice was when I ate red meat for Sunday lunch I had more mucus. By the end of the week after eating pasta and chicken dishes, not so much xx

thanks for being there x

Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 10:46 in response to disneyqueen

Hi, I totally understand how you feel I am really not looking forward to going to the hospital either for my procedure as I am worried about Covid and also both my auntie and uncle caught Covid in hospital and died through that complication they were very ill but that didn't help, so I know your concern.  How are you doing? I am waiting for a colonoscopy and it seems like you wait forever.

BTW you can message me anytime, you are not bothering me, we are all welcoming here :) 


Just a random question has anyone experienced a constipated floating stool?

All the best, 



Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 12:40 in response to jemstone123

Update I got my Colonoscopy on the 3rd March and I am freaking out abit, what if the result is wrong and I got through the procedure for nothing?



Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 16:05 in response to jemstone123


im so sorry for your loss. I was in lockdown in USA visiting my kids and couldn't get back at all. It's heart breaking so I know how you feel.

I panicked because they rushed my colonoscopy on a fast track thing. They found the polyps and want me to remove it next time using a smaller flexible scope. 

ive never experienced a floating stool. 
Thank you for answering. 
this group is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Blood/mucus stool

25 Feb 2021 17:05 in response to disneyqueen

I have been reading about how unbelievably painful colonoscopies are and I am very anxious about going to my appointment on the 3rd March!


I hope you can settle my mind on this?