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Blood/mucus stool

1 Dec 2018 11:17


For tge past 8 months ive had blood and mucus in stools, i went to the docs and they said IBS, tge symptoms persisted so i went back, they took blood tests which were all normal, a stool test which said i had high calproctin levels (1200) so gp said i had suspected IBD, i have a colonoscopy appt in 2 weeks. Obviously no one can diagnose other than the docs after colonoscopy but im freaking out and expecting the worst! Has anyone else had anything similar? I have absolutely so other symptoms just mucus at rhe top of stool (first bit to come out) then blood on the outside sometimes quite a bit sometimes barely any and thats it but it has been every stool apart from maybe 5 in total for the last 8 months! Maybe a slight niggle in left lower side of stomach occasionally right but nothing major at all.

No family history, no weight loss, no tiredness, bowel habbits normal, no pain, no other symptoms, just an increase in anxiety!

Thanks for reading

Blood/mucus stool

3 Dec 2018 09:43 in response to Anxietyqueen31

Hello Anxietyqueen31 and welcome to Cancer Chat!

It is normal to be anxious at the moment as you are waiting to have your colonoscopy and as you rightly pointed out you will only be able to know exactly what is going on after you have had your colonoscopy. Try not to expect the worst as there can be so many different explanations to your symptoms so the best thing to do at the moment is to keep busy while waiting for your appointment and avoid looking anything up online or it might make you even more anxious.

It's great that you have no family history of bowel cancer nor any weight loss or tiredness and that your bowel habits are normal. It won't be long now before you get some answers.

Let us know how you get on if you get a chance!

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Blood/mucus stool

25 Mar 2019 09:20 in response to Anxietyqueen31

Hello there ,

I was reading your post and was wondering how are you doing ?  It interesting to know what was your diagnoses as my sister is just experiencing the same thing as you and she waiting an appointment as is besides herself, she so scared she can’t think of anything else. 

I hope you are now well xx





Blood/mucus stool

29 Oct 2019 19:35 in response to tizzwoz

How did your sister get on xx

Blood/mucus stool

29 Oct 2019 20:07 in response to Abz

Hiya thanks for your reply. She got the all clear. Diagnosis procitus and colitis. her bleeding was nasty and it stopped but started again. She s not happy with the condition but relieved it's not anything too serious. 


Thanks for asking. 

Blood/mucus stool

29 Oct 2019 22:34 in response to tizzwoz

Glad it was nothing sinister x

Blood/mucus stool

3 Dec 2019 18:36 in response to Moderator Lucie

just wondering what the results of your colonoscopy were. I have symptoms identical to yours. Will be having a colonoscopy in the next 2 weeks. Feeling very nervous 

Blood/mucus stool

19 Dec 2019 17:12 in response to dibbadabberdoo

Just wanted to update if anyone else reads this with the same symptoms. I have been diagnosed with proctitis. Was petrified it was something else. All same symptoms as original poster 

Blood/mucus stool

10 May 2020 12:20 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hello. I have had bloody stool and bloody mucus for around 3 days now but getting mildly worse. My brother had rectal cancer at age 27. I am 33. I have many health issues and have had a swollen stomach for around 17 months , since I had my baby by c section. It has got increasingly worse but never gets any less or better. I have a painful stomach.  Very tired all the time. And feel very I'll sick and weak especially these last few days . I would be grateful for any advice pleas . Many thanks 

Blood/mucus stool

29 May 2020 19:55 in response to Ellebelleb

Hi there..hiw are your symptoms 

.I have the same..but yeti visit GP

Blood/mucus stool

7 Aug 2020 11:31 in response to Anxietyqueen31

Hi what was your out come

Blood/mucus stool

7 Aug 2020 13:00 in response to kdanby

Hi i have Pan Colitis....Ulcerative colitis of the entire bowel x

Blood/mucus stool

7 Aug 2020 13:14 in response to Anxietyqueen31

Thankyou hope your doing well now my symptoms are same as yours with hardly any pain I'm freaking out. Do you mind if I ask your age 

Blood/mucus stool

9 Aug 2020 12:12 in response to dibbadabberdoo

Hi what was your outcome

Blood/mucus stool

23 Aug 2020 10:57 in response to kdanby

Hi , I am 35 and have mucus with blood for 8 months along with bloating stomach constantly rumbling and gurgling I always have an urgency for the toilet in the morning.  I'm so scared and worried it's something serious.  I couldn't get an hospital appointment until recently because of the pandemic they took bloods and a sample over a week ago and I'm just waiting in panic. Its actually been destroying me with anxiety for months thinking the worst constantly googling things.