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Blood test results

31 Oct 2017 09:40


I had a blood test 21/9/17 and my white cells were 2.8,  another one and got results morning and my white cells are going up that’s good but………… My cholesterol level is a bit high so now  I have to have a healthier diet which won’t be hard as I eat quite a healthy diet anyway but I do like my sugar doughnuts on a Saturday.......... cakes ? Chocolate ? Crisps ? Shall I just have salads Laugh 

anorher thing anyone back to work ? 

I went back 4 weeks ago which was 6 weeks after cancer treatment and I do 6 hour shift and feel like I’ve done 12. Anyone else struggling? 


hope everyone one is alright and kicking cancers butt

L xx

Blood test results

1 Nov 2017 08:57 in response to Limesbabe

Great news about your white blood count!

I found that substituting Benecol for butter helped with the cholesterol in the short term. Longer term reducing the fat in your diet is the only answer - especially the hidden fat in processed food. That way there’s still room for cake Happy

I’m sure many of us can relate to the loss of stamina after treatment. I also found myself being irritable with colleagues and I ended up taking early retirement (I was close to retirement age anyway) for the sake of my mental health. 

I hope you soon get back on track!