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Blogging my cancer journey

23 Dec 2018 08:42

Hey. I’m Jessie, to those who are finding anything difficult - the waiting for results / the diagnosis / treatment / the unknown ... ANYTHING. Feel free to message my insta page ( fightingcancerat26) I will pick them up a lot quicker. 

I am still in the early stages of this change too.. so we can all be in this together . Help each other ❤️ 



Blogging my cancer journey

23 Dec 2018 09:04 in response to JessieD

Hi there ...

Hope your Xmas is a good one ... Think you will help so many young ones on their journey to...will deff follow your blog .....  Will be thinking of you ... You kick cancers butt in 2019 ... You rock 

Chrissie xx

Blogging my cancer journey

23 Dec 2018 09:44 in response to JessieD

Just read your blog .. with tears in my eyes ... How you can be so positive, when it took so long for you to get diagnosed ... I would be so angry ... And I feel so humble reading you blog ... 

There are many forms of bravery ... Some don't like being called brave ... But you are a shining light for anyone going through this journey so many of us are on ... Thank you for being you ... And I hope those drs that ignored those first signs, hang their head in shame ....

I will follow your blog ... And would say to any one who comes on this thread to go to your site and read your journey ... You are amazing ... And long may you kick cancer right down the road ... 

Big hug to a brave lass ...  Chrissie xx

Blogging my cancer journey

23 Dec 2018 19:32 in response to JessieD

Hi Jessie!

I just read your post about that you have been diagnosed... I haven't been able to log in here recently so today when I could I wanted to check up on you!

I'm really sorry for that your diagnose included C.... I know how hard it is... and being told that you are too young - that's awful as well.. I'm a bit older than you but I was told exactly the same thing.... 

I will keep all my fingers crossed for you and I do believe hard that your fight will be won by yourself! 

you are young and strong and positive! please stay this way and never give up!

Msg me in case you will have some chemo questions or just want to talk :) 


Blogging my cancer journey

7 Jan 2019 16:04 in response to JessieD

Hi there, I have just been reading your blog. One of the things that came to my mind was a phrase I often use when talking about getting diagnosed for cancer is that gps sometimes "hear what they see" by that I mean they have preconceived notions of who gets what and if you don't fit the mould for a certain condition there is a possibility they will not take on board your concerns. This can apply to the very young as in your case or older people who symptoms might be marked down to old age. As there are always exceptions to any average disease profile it's important to listen without prejudice to a patients story. When I presented myself to my gp I was about as ill as any one could be, but in the end my diagnosis came from the a and e department not my gp. I am currently in remission and off treatment but sadly I have total kidney failure and am receiving dialysis as we speak, this was caused by blood cancer. I am however enjoying a good quality of life and have a loving and supportive husband.

Blogging my cancer journey

7 Jan 2019 19:49 in response to Chriss
Hey Chrissie, Honestly that message is so very kind, I do get a little frustrated as if the doctors had listened, or taken time by looking at all of my symptoms I wouldn’t be in this predicament. HOWEVER, I am very fortunate that this is curable and treatable. Here is an update on my day today - very tired as it was a very long, mentally tiring day! Xxxxxxx wishing you well

Blogging my cancer journey

7 Jan 2019 19:54 in response to Anonymous

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear that news, how are you coping? It gives me a lot of happiness that you have a loving husband who clearly cares for you very much. That saying ‘ hear what you see’ makes a lot of sense.... I tried and pleaded for 4 years with the doctors and nothing was done. I was palmed off and finally after I because severely anemic I was referred. I was told that I have roughly been living with this cancer for 4 years. I am very nervous about my surgery in a few weeks but at the same time I keep thinking once it’s done I can then start trying to recover and help my body to heal again. 

Sending you all the luck and a lot of hugs , 

jessie xxx 

Blogging my cancer journey

7 Jan 2019 19:55 in response to 86Mal86

Hi mal, 

how are things with you? Thank you for your kind words. I have my surgery soon and here’s an update on how today went meeting my consultant.

i hope you are doing well and happy new year 

lots of love 

j x

Blogging my cancer journey

7 Jan 2019 20:11 in response to JessieD

Thank you for your reply. I am coping quite well thankfully. I have had 7 months to get used to my terminal diagnosis and am making happy memories for my husband. My disease is called primary plasma cell leukemia, there is no cure and survival times are very short. However I am very grateful for the time my chemo has given me with my husband and have no bitterness, it's just a random thing that happened. I just make every day count.

Blogging my cancer journey

8 Jan 2019 13:44 in response to Anonymous

Well you are extremely strong and an absolute inspiration , keep hope and please keep me updated with how you are. 

J x

Blogging my cancer journey

8 Jan 2019 14:17 in response to JessieD

Hi jessie i just read your blog wow you are 1 amazing young lady i just wabted to let you know that xxx

Blogging my cancer journey

8 Jan 2019 18:30 in response to Macca1978

❤️ Hi, thank you that’s a lovely thing to say, made me smile, thank you! Xxx