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Bloating, bleeding from bottom

13 Oct 2021 22:15


I'm 29, and I have had rectal bleeding on and off for years since I was a teen. Previously when I've flagged this to a doctor they have passed it off as piles or an anal fissure. I haven't flagged this to a doctor since I was about 20/21 years old, I've sort of just dealt with it because it wasn't causing me that much pain and even though it's been frequent, it does come and go.

However more recently, I am bloating worse than I have done before, and I am frequently getting quite a lot of blood clots. I know I shouldn't self diagnose but I've ruled off chrons disease because I don't have the other symptoms, I regularly go to the loo, and I have maintained or gained weight. I am fatigued but I've passed that off as a part of general ageing/work etc.

I know I should be going to the doctor but I don't want to blow it out of proportion if this is just normal and is probably pile or something. I should add, I have had blood tests fairly regularly for other things and they never flag anything of concern - at most low iron levels.

Anybody experienced something like this and any tips for dealing with it? Should I be more concerned than I am


Bloating, bleeding from bottom

13 Oct 2021 23:43 in response to Someone28

As someone who's had Bowel cancer twice before the age of 23 this does sound familiar. I had symptoms for years but because of my age I was told it could not possibly be cancer and so was misdiagnosed for five years. For me it started with passing blood and feeling bloated and fatigued. It took me getting really ill before I was actually taken seriously but by then I had been constipated for weeks, becoming incontinent, dropped to six stone and was passing a cup of blood at least once every hour. If your worried go back to your doctor, I wish I had kicked up more of a fuss at the time. I also had plenty of blood tests which also hadn't flagged up anything unusual. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me x

Bloating, bleeding from bottom

14 Oct 2021 12:52 in response to Someone28

Hi hun I'm sorry to hear about your symptoms but I'm in an identical position to yourself had recital bleeding for 18 months that comes and goes doctors told me it was piles, had a calprotecin stool test that came back negative so ruled out chrons, colitis and ibd. 
I had 3-4 episodes of passing a lot of boood including on one occasion clots, over as many days, then this went away, 

However get bloating etc, loose stools and now constipation. Was really poorly for over 3 weeks being sick and stuck in bed, plus some bright red blood on the tissue, all my bloods and ultrasound were fine from A&E and my gp failed to take me seriously. 
I took it upon musekf to get a private refferal with a colorectal specialist and now I'm booked in for a colonoscopy in one weeks time. 
how much are you bleeding and how often does this happen? Piles can bleed a significant amount my mother suffered with them for years and would also leak blood on her clothes they were that bad. She's since had surgery and the bleeding has stopped. 
olease go to your GP or book a private consultation evdn if it is just piles if they're bleeding that badly they need to be treated 

charl x

Bloating, bleeding from bottom

14 Oct 2021 14:11 in response to Charlottechloe

As others have said, you really should see your GP. At your age, the odds are probably very high that it is nothing too sinister, but it does sound like it should be checked out, just in case.

I had rectal bleeding (just on tissue), some weight loss, occasional loose stools (about once a week) and a couple of weeks of trapped wind over the summer. The expert I was referred to said that at my age, 40, the odds of anything serious were very low and it was probably just hemorrhoids, but that IBD was also a possibility and the only way to be sure what was going on was a colonoscopy, so he did one a week later and found exactly what we all expected - hemorrhoids. 

He wasn't expecting anything serious but he still thought it needed to be checked. I don't think contacting your doctor would be blowing it out of proportion. Even if it is just a pile, and it probably is something like that, they can treat it and reduce the symptoms or even eliminate them.

Bloating, bleeding from bottom

14 Oct 2021 20:55 in response to MargaretMary

Yes I agree even if it is 'just' piles and they're causing significant bleeding and issues they need to be resolved! I'm glad your experience was positive and I hope that the original poster goes to see the GP very soon. Lots of stories on here about the colonoscopy not being too bad so really nothing to worry about. 
mum consiltant said take the sedation. Please keep us all updated about what the GP says x