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Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 00:10

For the past 8 months i've been struggling with several symptoms, mainly uti like symptoms(burning and feeling the need to go to the toilet after going). At first the doctors assumed it was a uti and i went on 2 courses of antibiotics in the first several months. This did nothing and (assuming it was external as im quite young) prescribed a cream, which also did not work. Every time they did the test white blood cells would be present in my urine, and so they reffered me to a gynaecologist. I went and they said everything externally is fine. They felt my bladder and said "that feels weird" and then reffered me to get an ultrasound (in a couple of weeks) and im curious about if anyone has experienced this before, and what they found out it was? The doctors seems clueless and its frustrating when i search up what it could be and only UTI pops up. Recently I've also been exteriencing lower abdominal pain, feeling a bit like cramps but since im not anywhere near my period i assume its not that. Any suggestions would be great. (i realise you guys arent medically trained)

Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 07:02 in response to Tadoo

Hello Tadoo

Welcome to the forum.

I have bladder cancer for nearly 3 years I was presenting to my GP blood in urine (seems the main symptom of bladder cancer)

On a regular blood test for diabets I took a urine sample with me.

Within days an appointment with urologist arrived,after a scope & scan it was confirmed bladder cancer.

I am sure I'm much older than you (now 76)

I had no pain at all until cancer spread.

Sorry I have no clue as to what is wrong with you hopefully you will find out the problem soon.

My very best wishes for the future x

Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 22:05 in response to reet75

Thank you so much for the kind words x