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Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 00:10

For the past 8 months i've been struggling with several symptoms, mainly uti like symptoms(burning and feeling the need to go to the toilet after going). At first the doctors assumed it was a uti and i went on 2 courses of antibiotics in the first several months. This did nothing and (assuming it was external as im quite young) prescribed a cream, which also did not work. Every time they did the test white blood cells would be present in my urine, and so they reffered me to a gynaecologist. I went and they said everything externally is fine. They felt my bladder and said "that feels weird" and then reffered me to get an ultrasound (in a couple of weeks) and im curious about if anyone has experienced this before, and what they found out it was? The doctors seems clueless and its frustrating when i search up what it could be and only UTI pops up. Recently I've also been exteriencing lower abdominal pain, feeling a bit like cramps but since im not anywhere near my period i assume its not that. Any suggestions would be great. (i realise you guys arent medically trained)

Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 07:02 in response to Tadoo

Hello Tadoo

Welcome to the forum.

I have bladder cancer for nearly 3 years I was presenting to my GP blood in urine (seems the main symptom of bladder cancer)

On a regular blood test for diabets I took a urine sample with me.

Within days an appointment with urologist arrived,after a scope & scan it was confirmed bladder cancer.

I am sure I'm much older than you (now 76)

I had no pain at all until cancer spread.

Sorry I have no clue as to what is wrong with you hopefully you will find out the problem soon.

My very best wishes for the future x

Bladder cancer symptoms?

23 Apr 2019 22:05 in response to reet75

Thank you so much for the kind words x

Bladder cancer symptoms?

29 May 2019 11:01 in response to Tadoo

My symptoms were very like yours, cramp pain, cloudy chemically smelling urine, urgent signals before and after urinating (or not urinating)  never had blood in my urine samples. I wish I had insisted on CT scan earlier because it turned out to be bladder cancer. Doctors put too much emphasis on blood in urine, it can be bladder cancer without that. Only a routine kidney CT scan showed that there was something amiss. (the scan went lower down and showed the ureter and part of the bladder.) if the cancer is small the treatment is straight forward, unfortunately mine was 5cms and has grown into the muscle wall. Please, insist on a CT scan to possibly avoid what I am having to go through. Best of luck.