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Biopsy results

11 Nov 2019 21:31

Today I got my biopsy results and have got cancer of the lining of the womb I was told at the time of the biopsy they had seen something sinister but is still a shock! Everything seems to be coming at me hard and fast which is a good thing I suppose! What is the success rate of getting rid of it all in one go my surgery has been planned for end of month to remove everything

Biopsy results

12 Nov 2019 08:30 in response to Sue0202

I am sorry your biopsy was positive, it the one word I have become to hate where cancer is concerned. I know what it's like everything coming from all directions. . Now to the best of my knowledge. My friend was diagnosed with cancer in the lining of the womb. They have her a full and Complete hysterectomy. When I say complete, they actually went a little bit further with her and removed her Fallopian tubes and ovaries. On a standard hysterectomy they do not normally remove the tubes and ovaries. It was done that way with my friend., although they didn't find any cancer at that time, they took the decision they did just in case. As it transpired she let cancer research use her womb for research. It turned vibrate out she had precancerous cells in the ovaries. So yes the correct decision was made. I don't know if your just having a hysterectomy or your tubes and ovaries out as well. Personally I would go for the entire lot overirs, and tubes. Now providing its been maintained in the womb, ovaries and tube. I can say she did havd 4 months ajuvent chemotherapy, however I know she had one of the platinum drugs plus someone else. She's now been cancer free almost 7 years now. Not only is she so pleased they found it when they did. But that she having been given the choice of the ovaries and tubes she glad she did. She literally had the one operation and the one lot of ajuvent chemotherapy. Had she not had the ovaries and tubes she would have been looking at further operations and more chemo. Unfortunately I have metastatic lung cancer. I have had my left upper lobe of the lung removed, it's now gone it to the lower loge and on every lobe on the right lung. I have had 3 lots of different chemotherapy, ond in particular I would not wish on my worst enemy. I have recently been on immunotherapys, I had to pull out due to side effects although it has shrunk the cancer I am pleased to say my last scan results August this year and it was a good one with maintained response. Not sure how long it will last. However what comes along, I will fight it. However getting back to you I think you have a pretty good chance of getting rid of it in one go. However I personally would push for the total complete hysterectomy tubes ovaries the lot. Ok it worked for my friend and a few of women she got to know whilst she was in hospital had she was on a gynaecologist oncologist ward. So everyone was pretty much have the same of simpler procedure done. It also worked for most of the friends she made and kept in touch with. Now cancer is not a exact science so as much as it works for some, it may not work for everyone. We are all so different. In principle you would think it would work for everyone. It depends if it's actually already gone somewhere else at present but it's too small to pick up with the human eye. I personally would take all the advice your oncologist gives you.. I have 100% trust in my oncologist we do debate which treatments might be better. Always keeping in the back of my mind that cancer is not a exact science. If it where we would havd a cure for it. Whatever you decide to do regarding your tubes and ovaries. I hope and pray it works for you one the one operation. Also because you have only recently been diagnosed. May I suggest something. I never cried or said why me. No matter how much it was talked about plus the speed everything went. Just take a couple of days for yourself think things through. I am going to say ajuvent chemotherapy can be a long day. Yes you hurt You ache you good and drinks no longer tast the same. For a day or so after each treatment you will wonder what thr hell you have let yourself in for. However it's very doable. Sincerely it's very disable. I say this because I am sure you and everyone else it's  doable. I say this for a extremely good reasons some are genuinely not doable. Think about what you yourself want. Well I know you want to live and hopefully your operation at the end of the moth in the meantime. You need the time for yourself only a couple of days. Do not be forced by family members push you into something you do not want to do, I felt under pressure. To have a different chemo treatment when it came back. I had 2 sessions. I pulled out telling everyone no I am out and staying out it's my body. Having saying that they saw how ill I was so never ever had anyone pressured me to do anything I felt I did not want to do. Anyhow my darling good luck, remember don't let family guilt trip you into anything ok. Would you please keep in contact and let me know how things are going for you. I will be praying for you that it can be treated in one go.

love and Best Wishes Marj xxx

Biopsy results

12 Nov 2019 09:31 in response to marj58

Thank you so much Marj for taking the time to reply, they did say yesterday they would take everything away , which I totally agree with you, I don't want to take a chance and end up having more surgery and chemo. I'm glad your situation has improved and will keep you updated! It's eased my mind a little about the outcome, I've waited a long time for grandchildren and have had 3 in 3 years and I'm not ready to leave them behind or my daughters and husband just yet! Thank you once again.

Sue xxx

Biopsy results

14 Nov 2019 09:15 in response to Sue0202

Not a problem sue, I was given 6/8 months left  back in September 2013 with it being in the lungs and then it spreading. When my oncologist told me that now truthfully most people would burst into tears. Which is natural. I didn't I just looked and said no sorry I can't it's not convenient. At first I was given a funny look as if I might be in denial. My sister Leslee was the one to burst into tears, I looked at her and said you can stop that because I am going nowhere. Well I am happy to say here I still am, Thats actually a very true story I have all the paperwork you get copies of. To this day no one actually knows how or why I am still here. My oncologist a few years ago asked me if I would donate extra blood for researc. Which I agreed. I know my blood as been sent to America, Canada Germany, some sayed in the UK. All they can agree on is I should not be here. I actually should have died with the prognosis time I was given. My husband says I am too stubborn. My sister says when I said it not convenient to die in the 6/8 months. All she saw in my face once she wiped her tears away. Was nothing but sheer determination. It's actually been said it might be right, that's the reason I am still here. So although I have maintained response. I did that for a couple of years. Then I had a scan it had come back. Once again I said no not going anywhere at all. Sure enough I was given some chemo. After the second one I pulled out. The chemo was actually killing me. One time my palliative Macmillan nurse called my GP out. Oh god was I in a mess. I couldn't get out of bed, my mouth, was full of ulcers. Lost my voice. The pain was indescribable. I was unconscious when I overheard them tell my husband no longer than the weekend. You had better prepare the children. She said I know you're daughter took the nes Bradley. We are definitely going to have to keep our eyes on her. She did use their names. They did say Dian who was my palliative nurse, would be coming everyday and a couple of other nurses the end of life team. I was laying there thinking are you people for real I keep telling you I am going nowhere. Now I just had to figure a way to become conscious again. Do not ask how however the following morning I woke up. Later that day when Dian came. I with nothing being able to speak, I wrote a note I said right Dian I heard what you and Dr.......... said yesterday. Well you can get on the phone to rest if end of life team tell them to back of. I told you I wasn't ready. It took me a good year and a half to get over the particular chemotherapy. I just had a extremely bad a adverse reaction to it. Anyhow here I still am just over 6 year later. It was six years in September. Now I have told you this. For a reason. You have 3 wonderful. Grandchildren. So do has I did keep positive. No matter how bad it get if it does at all I am as clear as a days long., not clear of cancer. Just had immunotherapys, which I also had to pull out off, yet it shrunk the cancer. and real has anyone else. However I am also a product of positive powerful thinking. My oncologist his a well known cancer researcher in his own right. I am a mirical apparently. Even he's saying it must be your positivity, that's kept you going. Because they really can not say anything else. They genuinely do not know. Every time I see him for the last 5 years he literally shakes his head in disbelief....... just think positive Sue anyhow I am saying that.However I honestly believe your going to be fibd. Especially now everything is going. I am glad fir you having made that decision. You definitely have made the right one. It's like gig said why risk it,. Possibly to end up with more treatment. No get it over and done with in one go. Therefore you will be fine. Ok my darling 

lovs Marj xxx

Biopsy results

14 Nov 2019 09:38 in response to marj58

Hi Marj, my surgery has been bought forward to Friday week, I could of continued as planned, but once this offer was given to me I thought let's just get on with this, it's the same oncologist just at another hospital! So now just want everything gone! Yes the future is not known yet but I'm not ready to leave my wonderful family yet. Thank you for your positivity it's given me a real boost.

love Sue