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Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 06:17


I’m new here and I’m just after a little reassurance really?!

I had a Colposcopy after an urgent smear referral following the discovery of possible CGIN roughly two weeks ago. The consultant took a biopsy and told me that I would receive my results in the post.

Well - yesterday, I received a phone call asking me to go today to see the consultant to discuss my results and have a scan. It obviously came as a bit of a shock as I wasn’t expecting it so I was just wondering if anybody else had had this happen? I asked if I had anything to be worried about and the lady said that I just really needed to go in and see them. Also, I’ve absolutely no idea what type of scan to expect - has anybody any ideas??

Thank you so much.x

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 08:36 in response to VicKat1

Hi VicKat

In my experience, I have only had results face to face, never by letter or over the phone. This has been for good results and not so good. They like to see you face to face and explain everything and it gives you an opportunity to ask any questions. 

Not sure what kind of scan you’ll have...maybe an ultrasound? Usually you would get a letter and appointment separately for MRI or CT least that’s my experience. 

Everything will depend on what the biopsy has shown up, but no matter what it might be, treatment for abnormal cells or more is very effective. 

Hope you don’t have too long to wait for your appointment, and please come back and let us know how you get on. If I can help with any other questions, please shout out. xx

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 08:46 in response to Minska

Thank you Minska, that is really helpful. I’m sure I’ve got my wires crossed and it’s all just routine. My ridiculous fear of all things medical doesn’t help my anxiety either! I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Thank you again

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 09:00 in response to VicKat1

Hi VicKat

I too have very high anxiety about doctors, hospitals and anything medical..still have it but not so bad these days! It’s natural to panic when you don’t know what you’re dealing with, and the limbo feeling of waiting is really stressful. Once you know what you’re dealing with, things actually become much easier as you regain some control and can get on with whatever needs to be done. Good luck! xx

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 09:12 in response to VicKat1


I have literally just had the same thing happen to me and they left a voice message requesting I go the next day but I messed the message so they sent me a letter and I need to go back next Wednesday and they have requested I bring someone with me, so I am fearing the worst.

In the the to my GP it says the procedure was uneventful.

I hope yours is good news.

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 09:56 in response to Eaton

Thank you ladies! You’re both very reassuring. Hoping yours is good news too Eaton!

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 10:28 in response to VicKat1

Thank you VicKat1 x

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 10:47 in response to Eaton

A bit of an update - I’ve just had a letter through the post saying that I have an MRI scan booked for next week so I’m assuming that today will be just to tell me that. I’m sure it’ll all be fine

Biopsy results.

6 Sep 2019 18:13 in response to VicKat1

Good luck for today. X

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 08:56 in response to Eaton

So - not the best news. I’ve been diagnosed with stage1b cervical cancer of the cervical canal (a rarer form apparently) A shock but great they’ve caught it early on and I know that makes me one of the lucky ones! Thank you for your support once again.

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 09:34 in response to VicKat1

Hi VicKat

Sorry to hear your news. I presume you have adenocarcinoma? It is the less common form, and that’s what I have. It’s good that it’s been caught at this stage because it is early. I had stage 2b, locally advanced, so I couldn’t have a hysterectomy. I had chemo and radiotherapy (wasn’t able to have the internal radiation due to having a pulmonary embolism) and I am fine! My scan 3 months after treatment finished showed no evidence of disease and subsequent checks have been all good. Good luck with your treatment and if you have any questions I will help if I can. xx

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 11:48 in response to VicKat1

Hi VicKat1

so sorry to hear your news but as you say great that it has been caught early. What treatment do you have to have? Xx

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 11:52 in response to Minska

Hi Minska

that is such positive news to hear, I am so glad you are doing well. It gives us all hope Xx

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 15:22 in response to Eaton

Hi Eaton

I know lots of ladies who have done very well, and are doing very well on the treatments. It’s quite hard going but over quite quickly. I feel so well these days it’s hard to believe what’s all gone on! xx

Biopsy results.

7 Sep 2019 15:34 in response to Minska

Hi ladies, I’m not sure about treatment yet. I’ve an MRI on Wednesday and then I’ll be discussed at an MDT meeting a week on Tuesday to see how they want to proceed. A big part of me is hoping for a full hysterectomy. I know that might sound weird but I’ve got two grown up children, I definitely don’t want anymore so it seems silly to run the risk of this reoccurring.

Minska - that is excellent news and reassuring to newbies like me and it’s lovely to have somewhere to go for advice and support.

Eaton - keep us posted on your journey and good luck!!!