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Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 15:35

Hi everyone, 

Iam have got terrible  anxiety While waiting for biopsy results.

Anyone has problems waiting for the biopsy results in 4 weeks times like me???

My biopsy was taken on 24 December and now still have to waiting... 

Anybody have systems of  breast pain, difficulty to breathe, dizzy & headache while waiting time?

I have been in A&E about 3 times because anxiety problems even I took anxiety tablets everyday . It made me couldn't breathe & sleep ??


Please give me advices what to do ? 
If anyone has similar cases please share with me ?? 
Iam very stressed at the moment.

Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 16:13 in response to Lan

Hi I am also waiting for biopsy results I can understand how you feel with the stress and anxiety. It's good to share your feelings I find writing a journal is good. Do you have any hobbies I find art a big help and a good distraction. Keeping busy with housework even getting on top of the ironing. I have down days but a good walk in fresh air helps. Do things you really enjoy go for pizza watch a movie/ tv series I found watching comedies really good they are so funny you just have to laugh. Take one day at a time. It's the uncertainty and not knowing. Spend time with family is good as well. A couple of hours playing toys with my granddaughter works a treat. I hope some of these suggestions help. Thinking of you.

Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 17:03 in response to Scottishwifie

Thank you very much for these informations . Iam a mother's of a child 5 years old.

I have trying so many way to keep me busy without working, only relaxing but my systems ( the pain)seems get worse.

 Anyone feel the pain on the biopsy position after 3 weeks times ? 

I have to take pain relief every 4 hours also diazepam 2mg everyday 3 times for anxiety.

But seems to be didn't help...Also the doctors gave me the sleeping tablets because I couldn't sleep in the night.

 Feeling terrible

Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 19:54 in response to Lan

Can't believe I have been lost 5 kg in 3 weeks of waiting for the biopsy results

what can I do & how can I get weight back because I have to wait for another week for the first clinic appointment

Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 20:11 in response to Lan

I hope you get your results soon and your biopsy heals up and you are pain free soon. It's only been a week since my needle biopsy on my right breast it's a bit tender but okay. It takes a while to heal up inside. The nurses you can phone on this website might be able to help. Thinking of you. Lesley 

Biopsy results

14 Jan 2020 20:57 in response to Lan

Hi lan

i has my biopsies taken on 23rd December and still no news

its hard not to think about anything else but I have tried to keep busy with hobbies and working

I too am terribly bruised and sore still 

have you friends or a partner that can support you while waiting?

best wishes




Biopsy results

15 Jan 2020 01:51 in response to Lan


I've set up an account on here just to respond to your post Happy


I feel for you. If it's any consolation, I've had multiple biopsies and the worry is always there. Most lumps are benign but even if it is the big C, this particular type is one of the most treatable and the UK has an excellent record of successful treatment, one of the best in the world. 

So, try not to worry too much and be kind to yourself x 

Biopsy results

18 Jan 2020 20:29 in response to Ohana

Hi ohana,

Thank you for your sharing. I was extremely tired during waiting time as always feel sick. I even can't eating that is why I lost 5kg in 4 weeks of waiting . 
It is the most hardest time in my life ever.

Just one day to go then I can meet my consultant to know about results.


Do you get the results? 

Biopsy results

18 Jan 2020 20:38 in response to eva_joanna

Many Thanks Eva-Joanna for your sharing.

I were extremely tired & feeling so sick then my husband didn't want me using internet for awhile. Because the more informations I gets from internet the more anxious I got... That is why Iam doing late reply today.