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Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

9 Nov 2020 17:44

Hello all.. I have had a fine needle biopsy. I have had both core and fine needle before all fine.  But this time round I have implants. I have a hard lump under my nipple so I got referred to breast care. I have had a fine needle biopsy which showed suspicious cells. The can not do a core biopsy because they may damage the implants. So as there are suspicious cells they have decided to take the lump and surrounding area what are my chances?  Has any one had suspicious cells and all okay. I'm really quite worried.. won't be having the surgery for 3 to 4 weeks. Which means they can't be to worried .. but worried enough to cut me up .. sorry I don't know how to put it.. and my mind is all over the place 

Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

11 Nov 2020 16:27 in response to Jani1974

Hello Jani1974,

I'm sorry you have to wait a little while for your surgury, I can understand this wait can cause worry. Unfortunately, there's no way determining the outcome, but I hope it goes ok for you and always speak to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. In this time, practising Mindfulness can be a good way to calm your worries. 

All the best,

Moderator Anastasia

Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

20 Nov 2020 21:21 in response to Jani1974

Hi. I also have just been diagnosed with early breast cancer. I also have breast implants in.  Today I met my surgeon who I thought was going to give me a date for a lumpectomy. Unfortunately I have to wait for an mri scan to enable him to check that there is no cancer under the implant. MRI can take up to 2-3 weeks for an appointment. I am now looking at a wait for surgery after the new year. Has anyone had successful breast surgery with implants in.?  

Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

21 Nov 2020 15:05 in response to Louie69

Hello Louie69


I had a lumpectomy and a routine Sentinel biopsy for a  grade 1 breast cancer a few weeks ago.  I have also implants, no problems there.  However, I understand that radiotherapy is usually given afterwards and that the chances are that it may damage the implants, cause pain etc.  So anyone out there with any experience and information?

Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

21 Nov 2020 15:33 in response to Tara34

Hi Tara34.

Glad to hear biopsy went fine. Wish mine was over and done with. You have given me some re-assurance thankyou

Biopsy .. implants.. lumpectomy

21 Nov 2020 21:58 in response to Louie69

Hi again Louie 69


Glad I have given you some re-assurance.


Yes, the fine needle was absolutely painless.  Obviously I had to sign a disclaimer, just like for the mammograms, that there was a chance that it might damage the implants.  However, the doctor explained that it was rare.  The same applied to the wire being inserted before the operation.


As I mentioned in my previous response, there is the issue with radiotherapy and the possibility of damaging them.  Will discuss this with my surgeon next week.


So far, I have not found anything on the forum so might start my own thread.


Best wishes and hope everything goes well.