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6 Mar 2018 21:39

today I had to go to the breast screening unit at the hospital. After a follow up from my original mammogram. Had more mammograms today and a ultrasound and two core biopsy’s in different places. I was ok but think I’m still in shock. Wasn’t expecting biopsies at all. I have to wait a week now. I’m worried now it’s going to be cancer. 

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7 Mar 2018 10:21 in response to Heth2362
Hiya sorry to hear you are feeling this way and going through this. I've also had two biopsys in one breast. One 2 weeks ago which has shown atypical ductal hyperplasia (rapid increase cell growth some with abnormal cell nucleus). The other results I get back tomorrow. The ADH has to be removed by lumpectomy as although it is not malignant it does have high risk potential for future malignancy. Fingers crossed the other will come back the same or show no abnormality. I suppose what I'm saying is it's not always bad news. In fact the majority of breast clinic referrals from mammogram screening are completely benign and will need no further follow up. I've done a bit of sensible reading (not the scary stuff), and for me this helped. It is difficult because you do have this question over your head about your health. Try to keep yourself busy. It feels like forever for that week yo pass but it does. I have to say I've had some great support from the breast clinic and also chat members and nurses on here. Don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone is very kind and happy to share their experiences and listen yo your concerns. Good luck with your results.

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7 Mar 2018 10:28 in response to Cornishpastie

Everyone was lovely yesterday. The breast care nurses were great. So nice to me. Just nervous now as to results. Feeling a bit better this morning. Think it suddenly hit me when I got home. Just trying to stay busy. Hope you get good results tomorrow. Will be thinking of you. 

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7 Mar 2018 10:59 in response to Heth2362

It's a scary thing. I think it's the unknown. I'm so practical that the bit of research I did have me reassurance and I was then able yo have a proper discussion about my first results. Thank you for your wishes for tomorrow. I will update. Keep me posted on yours too x

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7 Mar 2018 11:02 in response to Cornishpastie

I forgot to say that I have had very negative days and very positive days. Yesterday you sound like you were in shock but it's nice to hear that the breast care nurses were so good at taking care of you. I've been grateful for that. 

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8 Mar 2018 11:23 in response to Heth2362

Hi Heth2362

Thanks for posting and I am sorry to read what’s been going on.

I’m glad to see that you have had some support from another of our forum members, especially someone who is in a similar situation to yourself. Cornishpastie has some very wise words in her comments. The most important thing being that the majority of results from referrals are not bad news. Try to keep this in the forefront of your mind (easier said than done I know).

The biopsies that were taken are the best way to be certain of what is causing the abnormal results. This is because the biopsies are sent to the laboratory to be looked at under a microscope by a specialist doctor. This person is specially trained to be able to identify what the cells are. So, although scans are very helpful and can sometimes identify what things are due to their characteristics, the certain way is from the biopsy.

Waiting for results is never easy and I think for now it really is about trying to cope until you receive the results. It’s natural and easier to think worst case scenario than to focus on the positive. There are going to be emotionally good and bad days and it will seem like ages till you get your results. So, we always suggest trying and keeping yourself busy with your usual routines. Also, try to limit what you read online as this can be scary.

Before I go I wanted to mention that Breast Cancer Care have a useful section on other causes; non-cancerous (benign) breast conditions which you can view at the highlighted link.

I hope your week seems to go quickly and your results are ok.

You are more than welcome to get back to us if you have any more questions or if you prefer you can call us on 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Best wishes


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8 Mar 2018 13:05 in response to CRUK Nurse Georgina

Hi BHeth

Quick update. My pathology results are not back yet. I have yo wait til next Thursday (15th) now although they did say that they will call me to come in sooner if they get the results back before then. Fingers crossed. Looks like we may get our results around the same time. Best of luck x

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9 Mar 2018 12:42 in response to Cornishpastie

I will update next Tuesday evening as have an appointment at 4.10 

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9 Mar 2018 12:45 in response to Cornishpastie

Hope you get good results be thinking of you. It seems a forever wait doesn’t it. Hope your feeling ok. I’m ok most of the time. Just wen I think about it I get a bit teary

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9 Mar 2018 14:15 in response to Heth2362

Thank Heth good luck to you too. I've been quite emotionally unattached. I've not cried once over the last 3 weeks. Starting to think I have a cold heart lol. All the best and I will check in with you next week x


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13 Mar 2018 18:19 in response to Cornishpastie

I had my results today. Ones benign the other is a papaoloma which is a small lump on the milk ducts. I’ve got to have a vacuum biopsie in a few days then another weeks wait for results. Got upset but more out of frustration I didn’t really know. Apparently these lumps can contain cancer cells and grow more on top. If there is cancer cells it will need removing. So not much wiser really so annoyed I’ve got to go through it all again. Been thinking of you hope your results are ok xxx

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14 Mar 2018 21:35 in response to Heth2362

Hi Heth. So sorry I've only just checked in. It was one of my daughter's birthdays yesterday and it's been a busy day at work. Good news on one by the sounds of it. I understand your frustration. I've had two vacuum assisted biopsys and all it is is waiting around. I had a wobble earlier. My first one where I actually had tears. My partner told me I'd done really well up to now and to keep positive. I get my result tomorrow (hopefully). It was supposed yo be last Thursday and then Monday but wasn't back at the breast clinic. Fingers crossed I won't have any more delays.i will update you tomorrow. Let me know how you get on after you biopsy. Will be thinking about you 

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15 Mar 2018 12:07 in response to Cornishpastie

Thinking of you today and hoping it’s good news. Al the waiting is driving me mad. Bit nervous about vacuum biopsy. Still not got appointment for that yet either. Be glad when all this is over 

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15 Mar 2018 15:06 in response to Heth2362

Hi Heth. Been back a couple of hours. Not as good news as hoped but could have been worse. Stage 1 invasive tubular carcinoma is the diagnosis. Next step is to see the surgeon and have the two areas excised along with some lymph nodes. Unsure how many yet. They think I will probably need radiotherapy but that's yet to be confirmed. Have had a cry....mostly from shock and because family cried. I'm sure I will be fine though. Let me know when your vac biopsy is being done and when you get the results. My fingers are firmly crossed for you x

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15 Mar 2018 18:53 in response to Cornishpastie

Ohh no not wat u want to hear I feel for you. I would of cried to. Sounds like they can cut it out but it’s going through it isn’t it. It’s a hard week waiting to be told that. I’m so sorry. My appointments have *** through but biopsy not till next Friday hen results the week after. Fell a bit fed up tonight. Think it’s with it all going on. Are you ok huggss