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Bile duct cancer

3 Feb 2023 23:34

My dad got told aug 2021 he had bile duct cancer and had 18 months to live I've been there ever since on my days off being with him. He has not had good mobility due to an accident years ago and I feel so guilty this has happened to him. 
he has been fine for the last 17 months and now all the symptoms have started to show, I try to be there when i can and being the only child and trying to work at the same time it's becoming hard also do not live with him.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has been through the same cancer with a parent and how do you cope and make the best time with even if I can't get him out the house. 

Bile duct cancer

4 Feb 2023 07:33 in response to Vicky29


My dad got diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2020, he had a liver resection in 2021 and 2 rounds of chemo before and after, but it has come back. He is now symptomatic and is currently in hospital for fluid buildup.

I am also an only child and my mum doesn't drive so I am there a lot  and I am the one that takes charge and gets things sorted, but it's hard when you work and have a family but I will be there as much as I am able as I know our time is very limited now. I am lucky as I can work from home so have started to work from their house when I need to and my work have been very supportive.

He is also an amputee so doesn't have both legs which makes this whole thing so much harder, he hasn't been going out so much so we just sit and enjoy talking about everything and anything.

My dad now has palliative care and urgent care in place now, I hope as and when you need it the same will happen for your dad which will help you too.

I feel an emotional wreck and my heart is breaking but there is nothing I can do but go through it and be there with him every step of the way.

I hope this helps even in a small way x