Together we will beat cancer


big thankyou

12 Jul 2019 06:49

Morning Ian, aka Anchor 1707

just thought i'd drop a line thanking you for your excellent blog,about to start on my own journey on the 25th and every morning before i start work have been reading thru your experience with a coffee just to get my self ready.

havent found you on macmillan website so i'm presuming you upload to here.

in any case i jump around between the two a bit and think i found you via Hazel's blog which is also a godsend,there is  quite a few more that i'm getting familiar with now and its such a bonus to be able to educate yourself to a degree.i know when i attend my appts i am a bit more savvy..

anyhow once again many thanks and congrats on your all clear !!!

regards Martin

big thankyou

12 Jul 2019 08:08 in response to Totolemar

Good morning Martin,

thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you are finding the blogs helpful.

I'm not on Macmillan and you will easily get me here and I have been more than happy to accept friend request and have PM'd you.

You will also find my email details on my blog should you also wish to go down that route.

Onwards & Upwards


big thankyou

12 Jul 2019 08:13 in response to Totolemar


meant to add that I started a thead on here and its under Living wth Cancer titled Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer. Please feel free to join in and comment.

I has over a 1000 posts and its been a great thread and many people have contributed with support, help and advice. Hazel is also one of the major contributers on there. It will take you a while to wade through if you start from scratch lol.

Anything to help others is a good thing and if it helps just one person, and it has, then it has been worthwhile.