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Before I kick the bucket

21 Jul 2015 15:57

Rowena is 39 and has terminal cancer. Over the past 12 months, she’s been meeting other people in the same situation to her to find out how they’re coming to terms with their prognosis. Her story, ‘Before I Kick the Bucket’, will be aired on BBC Wales tonight at 10.35pm, and will then be available on the BBC iPlayer. In this special blog post, Rowena tells Cancer Research UK what she learned while making the programme

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the programme and also whether you have considered a bucket list? If so, what sort of things would you include?

Re: Before I kick the bucket

22 Jul 2015 14:32 in response to Moderator Sarah

For those who weren't able to catch the programme last night, it's now available on BBC iPlayer:


Re: Before I kick the bucket

13 Aug 2017 15:15 in response to Moderator Sarah

I found is heartbreaking that she was only 39 years old when she died from this horrible disease but if it's caught late there is  a strong chance that we won't survive it for much longer.

Had she had it caught early she might have survived it and she might still be alive today ?

But no one deserves to go that young in their lives it's horrible


Louise (Cancer surviver)