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Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 12:23

Two weeks ago , after telling the hospitals that I thought I had a urine infection for four months, I spent the day trembling and feeling sick and ill.  Decided to get in the bath to try to ease the symptoms but collapsed in there immediately and only came round 4 hours later.  Luckily I had my mobile phone so got hold of my daughter who rushed round with her key, only to find I had left my keys in the door, she phoned the pilice but they couldnt help, there were no a ambulances so she called the fire people.  They came and broke down the door and took me to hospital on the fire truck!  My local hospital were amazing - found I had terrible infection and because of the pain gave me morphine directly into my bloodstream.  It has taken them 2 weeks of trying medication and I am now home, not completely pain free, but hopefully will get there. 

Sorryif this all sounds disjointed but am finding it hard to string two words together sometimes and am crying in frustration.

Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 14:08 in response to Pauline4

My poor Pauline I am so glad you are back home and that you were looked after well in hospital. How scary though that you collapsed in the bath - it was lucky you had your mobile phone with you and were able to get in touch with your daughter.

I hope you are pain free soon and that everything is now under control. I know your forum friends will be along soon to give you a big virtual hug.

Don't apologise for sounding disjointed and in fact let me reassure you - you write very well and always make a lot of sense. Please don't cry Pauline, we are all here for you.

Best wishes,


Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 18:13 in response to Pauline4

Hi Pauline

It must be so good to be back in your own home, after your fire brigade rescue and hospital stay, I'm so pleased for you. Your post is perfectly written even if you didnt think so at the time you were writing it. I hope your infection is got under control and your pain is kept in check. All the best Pauline Kim

Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 18:37 in response to Pauline4

Dear Pauline, 

Wow! What a time you've had of it! Thank goodness you had your mobile near to hand. 

So glad you're back home and the hospital have managed to sort your infection and you are almost pain free. I hope they persevere to get you over that final hurdle! 

Please post as often as you need to so we can support you through this emotional time - don't feel alone, your forum buddies are here for you! 

Sending you a massive hug and love, Jo xx

Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 19:07 in response to Pauline4

Dear Pauline

Have picked up this thread and also your PM and am just so sorry that you have been through such a torrid time of it and it has taken so long to get your infection and pain under more control.  Not surprised that you are shedding tears in frustration but as you can see from the posts your forum buddies are hear to  listen and you made perfect sense to me.  I am sure you are glad to be back home and when feeling a little more relaxed I expect you will be telling the grandchildren all about your fire truck trip (not that you would have chosen to collapse in the bath in order to have this mode of transport to get you to the hospital).  It must have been the most scary of experiences.  Sending big hugs and a bunch of virtual flowers.  Jules x

Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 19:34 in response to jules54

Dear Pauline - so pleased you are home after such a stressful time.  Thinking of you sweetheart and wishing you well. X

Been in hospital for two weeks!

18 Mar 2016 20:34 in response to max56

Oh Pauline, what are we going to do with you?  Going through all that just to get some hunky firemen in your bathroom with you.  I hope you put something on before they arrived even if it was only slippers!  But joking aside, I do hope you're feeling better than you did.  You must have felt so afraid especially when you came round but luckily you had your mobile, as well as your senses, with you.  I hope the hospital have sorted you out especially with the pain.  Don't worry about being "dis-jointed" when writing although you're still making sense to me.  But do also remember that we all get times like that; only yesterday I thought to myself "oh that's a good idea, I'll write that down" and then promptly forgot what it was.  I've still not remembered so it couldn't have been such a good idea after all.

Do take care Pauline and don't forget we are always here when you want to chat or cry with frustration.

Love Carol xx

Been in hospital for two weeks!

19 Mar 2016 09:06 in response to Pauline4

What a nightmare for you!  I'm glad you had your phone with you.  Delighted to see you back on here - missed you!  Keep in touch - we are all here for you at any time xxxxxx

Been in hospital for two weeks!

19 Mar 2016 09:57 in response to Pauline4

Hi Pauline,

So sorry to read about your infectionYou must have got very cold being in the bath for that lenghth of time.

Mrs B collapsed once due to her diabetes and it was in the toilet. She was on the floor just behind the door and I had to push the door hard against her to get to try in and lift her up.

I do hope you are soon feeling better as you dont need anymore problems. Take care and sending best wishes and kind thoughts your way, Brian.

Been in hospital for two weeks!

19 Mar 2016 21:42 in response to Pauline4

Pauline, just found this thread, and although we PM'd I didn't then know what an awful time you'd had, so I just want to send my love again and really hope you are now feeling better and the pain has eased.  God bless, lovely, brave lady, we are all rooting for you as always!

Hazel xxx