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Awaiting ultrasound

14 Mar 2018 13:26

I went to gp after having sever right lower abdominal pain. I can walk for more than five mins and I'm doubled over.  My lymph nodes are huge and now got hard lumps in groin armpit and neck.  Back aches.  The gp sent me sau straight away .  They did ultrasound week last Sunday.  I was told by sonographet to ring next morning for appointment.  The receptionist on the Monday rang me back and booked me to see consultant for 12 days which is another 6 days away.  I'm not sleeping as pain is so sever.   My question is I contacted my gp  who says she has not got access to full report yet .  No one will tell me results.  Is this concerning or protocol I'm thinking that they found something but worried what it is they discovered 



Re: Awaiting ultrasound

14 Mar 2018 18:17 in response to Kristian80

Hi Kristian80. Welcome to the forum.

What you are going through is perfectly normal procedure, including the wait for results. Your GP doesn't know any more than you do. 

When you're worried then it's natural to try and read more than is reasonable into what little data you have. But after reading many similar stories, it's clear to me that you can't read anything into how quickly or not you get your results; nor into how quickly or not you get appointments. Nor should you read anything into the types of test you're given; it's a rare person who gets away without an MRI or CT scan. at some point. 

It is common practice for all results, good or bad, to be discussed in a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting, and for the next step in the process to be agreed at the meeting. Once this has been done, then you will normally get the results in a face to face meeting, allowing you to ask questions. 

Re: Awaiting ultrasound

15 Mar 2018 02:15 in response to Kristian80

I don't sleep more than two hours . Pain is crippling and I have tingling down legs. Today I noticed the nodes harden on both sides of my body. There is a clear bulge on my right lower abdominal area. I'm worried it's lymphoma.or other growth. Just wish they could give me some indication what I'm facing Tuesday when I get results.  I got letter today for a ct scan.  I don't even know what their suspicions are.