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Awaiting Results Nine Weeks Postpartum

17 Jul 2019 18:00 in response to lulermel

Yipppeeee!!!! I am so relieved for you love, and isn't it good that they are being so relax.....xxxx

Awaiting Results Nine Weeks Postpartum

18 Jul 2019 01:18 in response to lulermel


Hi Lulermel,

This is excellent news, although I'm glad to hear that your consultant is leaving "no stone unturned" and is doing further tests. It's better to do these now, rather than finding something further down the line.

Many women have breast problems when breastfeeding, so if this is the only problem, I imagine that you are immensely relieved.

I sincerely hope that this new batch of tests comes back clear again. Don't forget to let us know the outcome.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Awaiting Results Nine Weeks Postpartum

18 Jul 2019 08:48 in response to lulermel

Hi there ..

Just want to add my high 5 for result .. we love good results on here ..  so fingers crossed for everything comming back o.k too ..

So if all's good .. you remember this time, because then you can help other new mum's that are so so scared of tests ... and then you take life by the short and curlies ... and run with it ... and put as much life , love , and laughter in to going forward ... every day we get is a bonus ... big hug to you and your little one .. Chrissie ❤ 

Awaiting Results Nine Weeks Postpartum

18 Jul 2019 11:51 in response to Chriss

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. You are right, I will absolutely have a much greater understanding and empathy for those going through similar in the future. I am also so in awe of those who have not been so lucky with their results, and the bravery that dealing with this entails.

This morning I had the repeat biopsy, a mammogram and CT scan. I work for the NHS myself but never cease to be amazed by the care we are entitled to, which is free at the point of entry. They said they’ll discuss these test results in their MDT next Weds and then contact me. It was the same radiologist as last week and she was really nice today. She apologised for causing undue distress and explained why she was concerned last time. She said the mammogram images were inconclusive but that was always going to be likely due to breastfeeding. When she did the ultrasound she said the lump looked more reassuring than last week, and that they are just being extra cautious by repeating the biopsy. She said that following last week’s results, in her mind she is now thinking, “okay this isn’t cancer, so what is it?” and that if today’s tests don’t shed a light on that they may suggest an MRI and think about whether the lump should come out. She said that it’s not a straightforward case in that it’s not obvious what’s causing the lump, but she did say that it could all just be down to breastfeeding xx

Awaiting Results Nine Weeks Postpartum

20 Jul 2019 15:47 in response to lulermel

Just to add to the many response - really pleased for you Happy