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Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

22 May 2019 15:47

I’m new here and I’m wondering if anyone can help. 

Basically for about 2 years, I’ve had a weird mole that I saw my previous GP about but he said he wasn’t worried about it so I was sent away. Since then it’s been growing and spreading and I can feel something niggling, sort of itching but not itching in that area, it just doesn’t feel right. On Monday I saw my new GP and she immediately referred me to a Dermatologist so I’m currently awaiting an appointment for that. 

I am very concerned about the outcome of course, and I’m trying not to think of the worst but it is hard not to. 

My question is, I’ve got hundreds of moles, they are everywhere and to me, lots of them have different colours in them and they are raised etc. Will the dermatologist only be able to look at the mole I’ve been referred for or will I be able to ask about the others too? 

Any advice on the process would be much appreciated- thanks! 

Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

23 May 2019 08:06 in response to Misty768

Hi Misty768,

Most dermatologists will do a cursory check of your other moles at your appointment, whether this mole turns out to be suspicious or not. If your dermatologist doesn't then ask them to look at the ones you are worried about. I hope yours turns out to be fine - please let us know how you get on.

Angie (melanoma patient)

Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

23 May 2019 11:35 in response to Misty768

I saw a dermatologist last week about a mole that I am waiting to be removed. I asked him to have a quick look at another one while I was there which he was happy to do.  Tbh I wish I had asked him to check it a few more. Just ask and I'm sure they'll have look.

Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

23 May 2019 13:17 in response to Newmum

Thank you both. Just had my appointment through and it’s next Thursday so I’ll come back and update as and when. 

Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

24 Jun 2019 10:09 in response to Misty768

Just an update, mine came back with precancerous cells but it had not delveloped into a cancer yet. They are confident they removed everything they needed to so no further action needed except regular skin checks from dermatologist. 

Thank you so much for the support x

Awaiting diagnosis - Melanoma

25 Jun 2019 14:49 in response to Misty768

Great news. Thanks for letting us know.  x