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Awaiting appointment over 2 weeks

25 Oct 2021 19:35

Don't know who to speak to as I've tried the GP who say the referral has been sent. was told would be urgent appointment but over 2 weeks now. 

backstory : 

swollen under armpit with pain and breast pain radiating towards nipple. One side only. No lump felt in breast.

went to GP who said would be urgent referral. 

For the past 3 days I have had joint pain all over including groin. Starting to get upset over this all now. Who do I see about getting checked out? 


Awaiting appointment over 2 weeks

25 Oct 2021 23:21 in response to Eyes2eyes


Hi Eyes2eyes,

A very warm welcome to our forum. 

I am sorry to hear about your symptoms and understand your concern. We should all be seen within 2 weeks from the date of referral, but this can take a little longer in some areas due to the Covid situation. I would expect that youre likely to hear soon. You could try phoning your GP first to see that s/he has sent the referral and when. It would also be helpful to know who you have been referred to. 

If everything has been done from this end, you can then phone the hospital and ask to speak to your consultant's secretary or even to the breast cancer clinic. ASk when you are likely to get your appointment. They may not be ale to give you an exact date, but should be able to tell you what the waiting lists are like.

You are doing the right thing in getting this tested. Do steer clear of consulting 'Dr Google'. We always advise people not to do so at this stage. All it will serve to do is to scare you further, as much of the information is poorly researched, out of date and aimed at the most spectacular cases.

It is impossible to get any useful information that is pertinant to you, until you know exactly what type and grade of cancer you have or whether you are still all clear.  It is unusual to have pain accompanying breast cancer. You will find that not all breast lumps are cancerous. Many are benign cysts, fibrous, or hormanal changes. It is also a fact that only 1 person in every 8 referred to the breast clinic will get a cancer diagnosis.

I hope that you get your appointment through soon and that nothing untoward is found. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Awaiting appointment over 2 weeks

25 Oct 2021 23:35 in response to Jolamine

Thank you for your reply. Waiting for an appointment makes the anxiety worse I know. 


I  chased with the GP this morning who said they sent the referral the day they saw me and everybody has to wait for the appointment. I've even looked on my online nhs record which states a referral has been sent but due to GDPR won't let me click on where it was sent. It will be 3 weeks on Thursday so I shall ring again to see if anything has been updated from them. 

thank you again for your reply. 

Awaiting appointment over 2 weeks

30 Oct 2021 23:08 in response to Eyes2eyes



im going through a similar thing. I have the doctors on Monday due to a lump under my armpit. I've read so much on here and other places that other peoples lumps have been a circular shape, mine isn't like that. I can't put my fingers around mine. I was just wondering what yours felt like?