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Auxiliary node dissection

19 Sep 2020 18:35

Hi there, 

Hoping some lovely people can share their experience.  I have er+ bc 4 cm tumour with 1 node confirmed with cancer.   I have had neo adjuvant chemo and about to have surgery.

It's to be a lumpectomy and they want to do a complete auxiliary node dissection at the same time, with radiotherapy to follow a bit later.   ..  I'm concerned about taking out  so many nodes, that it might cause problems in the future, with health movement etc. 

Wondering how others have gotten on please after having this or a similar procedure?

Thank you 

Auxiliary node dissection

19 Sep 2020 20:36

Hi Lorraine, 


Thank you so much for your response, and sharing your experience.... I am so sorry you have also been on this journey!. 

Did you know there was cancer in the nodes before they were removed?   Were you told how many would be removed before surgery...and why that number?

How was pain in general after surgery? 

Sorry for all the questions. 


Thanks again. 





Auxiliary node dissection

19 Sep 2020 23:32 in response to AJMR



  I had an axillary node clearance two weeks ago. Before surgery I knew because of biopsies that cancer was present in at least two of the nodes.I was told beforehand that the exact number of nodes I had wouldn't be known until seen under the microscope as some can be so small and everyone had a different amount. Results of the clearance showed cancer was present in 12 of the 16 nodes removed. I've an appointment with oncologist  next week to discuss my chemotherapy treatment.

   As far as the operation itself I can honestly say it was not as bad as I'd anticipated. I managed with only occasional over the counter pain relief ( I was discharged with stronger pain relief but didn't need it) , but everyone is different - take what you need.  

  I had a drain in for a week, which again wasn't painful, just a bit uncomfortable. It was more annoying than anything else because I kept forgetting it whenever I stood up. The district nurses will come in and help with that daily if needed. 

  Movement wise, I'm a little restricted and still being careful,doing the exercises I've been given certainly helps and it's slowly improving. I was able to start driving again yesterday and am managing to do most things. I do have loss of sensation to areas of armpit and upper arm. Hopefully this will improve but it's a small price to pay. I do get a weird tingling sensation almost like spiders running down the back of my arm which freaked me out, but the breast care nurse reassured me that this is normal when the nerves are trying to repair themselves. 

  I hope this might be of help to you, take care x

Auxiliary node dissection

20 Sep 2020 22:46 in response to Fogtyne



Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me... It helps so much to learn what to expect, from real people who have been there, rather than from leaflets!!


I am sorry you are also on this very bumpy journey, and wish you well with Chemo and the rest of your treatment.


Thanks again x

Auxiliary node dissection

20 Sep 2020 23:14

Hi Lorraine, 

Thank you so much, its such a huge learning curve!!   

Learning of your experiences is really helpful for me, though I am sorry you have had so much pain, I hope it  continues to resolve and improve over time.   

Thank you again!! l

Best wishes for the rest of your recovery!! 

​​​Take care

Angela x

Auxiliary node dissection

5 Oct 2020 00:19

Hi Lorraine, 


I am so, so sorry for the huge lapse of time before responding.


I had my operation last week, and wanted to thank you so much.  You and Fogtynes sharing some of your experiences was incredibly helpful... glad I knew about the tingly sensation.. Though it did still throw me a bit. 


Lovimg the Bruce bonuses!!  I think that numb/tingling sensation is gonna take a bit of getting used to, but it's way better than pain!!   Like you said Lorraine ir won't stop me living!! 


Hope you are doing well, take care of yourself and thank you again. xx