Asbestos worries

4 Feb 2023 14:35

Hi there, my Dad was an electrician and died in his early 50s from various cancers. This was really difficult and in the years following I've been extremely anxious. 

Throughout 16 years I've been living in a social housing flat and has a few slap dash repairs done. The flat upstairs have had a few leaks over the years and water would come through the strip light in my kitchen. The ceiling is artex and confirmed asbestos. A few times during 16 years the operatives have taken fixture off ceiling to dry out the electrics and left a bit of light debris for me to clean up afterwards.

this was before I ever asked about asbestos. I'm now getting issues with anxiety and losing sleep over cleaning up after them, breathing in awful stuff and using my dustpan and brush which I also used to sweep elsewhere in the flat. I'm horrified at the situation and really scared that I'm going to get sick in the next 10 years