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Anyone have a "Go Bag" (mine's more an "Always With Me Bag")

13 Jun 2019 02:16

Was just writing to someone about how they might want to start considering a "Go Bag" for when they start treatment and it got me wondering if others do this.

My Go Bag is a small rucksack that I always have with me, no matter where I am (even if out for a nice dinner somewhere fancy!)

In it I have:

- mobile phone
- Kindle
- drinks bottle for refilling
- any medication I take daily
- spare chargers for the electronic items (so I don't take them out of my bag when at home and leave them there)
- pair of pants
- pair of socks
- sometimes a bag of sweets

The logic in all of my items are pretty obvious I think and I was glad of it when I recently ended up in A&E (having been on my way to a meeting in town so not prepared for hospital) and ended up being admitted for 36 hours.

What do others do?


Anyone have a "Go Bag" (mine's more an "Always With Me Bag")

13 Jun 2019 09:39 in response to TwinTwo

Hi twin two, I've a bag nearby every thing in it clothes slippers tooth brush razer soap flannel towel fone charger every thing, last time i went to hospital all i had was my perjama bottoms i was going in and out of a coma so i couldn't do much lucky granddaughter brought me some things later, but i had no money no phone, if I'm in again I'm ready.


Anyone have a "Go Bag" (mine's more an "Always With Me Bag")

13 Jun 2019 09:51 in response to TwinTwo

Hi twin 2 ...

So lovely to hear from you ... we all think of you .. and it's lovely to have a catch up ... so you keep kicking cancers ass ... wer all there vertually with you ..

Can't help with a go bag ... but I get loads of different things in hand bag ... sometimes drop it all out and have a sort out .. everything bar the kitchen sink ... lol ..

Well here's to you .. keep looking up at the stars .. not down on the ground ... hope it's going o.k ... 

Chrissie xx

Anyone have a "Go Bag" (mine's more an "Always With Me Bag")

13 Jun 2019 11:27 in response to TwinTwo

I used to keep a small rucksack filled with all sorts

spare knickers/leggings (pelvic radiotherapy can affect your bladder!)


snacks, mints, water bottle

tissues, hand sanitiser, lip balm, hair brush

medication supplies

I took it every day to hospital for radio and chemo, but the evening I was taken to hospital in an ambulance with a pulmonary embolism I forgot to pick it up so ended up overnight in hospital with no supplies and just dressed in a night shirt! x