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Anyone had itching with Essential Thrombocyaethemia?

22 Jan 2022 20:33

Evening All,

Hope everyone is doing okay, and your new year has started well?

Quick question regarding ET, anyone else suffered with itchy skin? 

Had it before in the past, before diagnosis. So was not concerned but am aware can be caused by ET.

But also coincidental that I been swimming this week, chlorine related?

I await your wonderful help.



Anyone had itching with Essential Thrombocyaethemia?

24 Jan 2022 09:37 in response to Smudger0122

Hi Mark,

It sounds like you are already aware, but itchy skin is a listed side effect of ET (ref this info from Macmillan).

If you'd like a more informed response, it may be heplful to post in the 'Ask the Nurses' section of this forum, so that one of our nurses can take a look and send you a reply with further information or advice.

All the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator