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18 Jan 2019 21:10

I will be on anastrozole soon and am desperate to hear from ladies who are on it and are ok on it, as all I hear is the bad stuff...really starting to panic....eek!!! 


18 Jan 2019 21:23 in response to Marlyn

I hear you Marilyn; I read NOTHING the first two years I was on Anastrozole .  When I found others “chatting”, I quit Anastrozole for a year.  The joint and muscle pain, oh my.  My daughter and oncologist begged me to go back on, I did.  You can read an earlier blog I wrote earlier today.  I should end Anastrozole by 2020, but I am no longer in physical pain and could take Anastrozole for ten or more years.

please do not panic


18 Jan 2019 21:27 in response to Penelope1

Thanks for replying. I suppose it is what it is.....the more I read into it the more I panic....just need to hear some positive stories....xx


19 Jan 2019 10:43 in response to Marlyn

I have been on anastrozole since my lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapies last spring and can report no side effects  and I know of one other friend, same age, a GP who has similar experience. I have some loss of libido , which may or may not be related,? Difficult to say, oncologist seemed to recognise this might be a result.   But nothing else. 

So don’t expect anything inevitable.  I feel fine. I am normally active, had some arthritis in my feet before all this, it hasn’t got any worse. I am 67. I always wear “sensible “ shoes, couldn’t tolerate anything else. 

Good luck to you . 


19 Jan 2019 10:54 in response to norflondoner

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I really needed to read something positive, so I will put my big girl pants on and soldier on xx