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23 Dec 2017 13:33

Hi gave myself a bit of panic I think .early shopping this morning home by 8 o'clock didn't need much . before went out though t mouth feel bit odd had only had cup tea and banana lip was swollen on one side and swollen upper lip numb inside mouth felt bit like after dentist no g p surgery sat . hubby was concerned as he said look bit like face dropped bit .so off a&e just be on safe side but they were very good as have emergency card they see you straight away all obvs good they think allergic reaction but got no idea what had antihistamines and something else and for next 3 days look like had bit Botox just one side .let's hope rest day improve so many thimy I wanted do .hey ho 

Re: A&e

23 Dec 2017 14:32 in response to tigercub

Great! Well at least it’s before Christmas!

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23 Dec 2017 15:29 in response to rileyroo

I know got bit worked up going to a&e but they were so nice .so many things I wanted to home but you have to prioritize put yourself first .there were quite few police with loads looked like been in fights etc and people being sick yuk . lovely not .but all sorted hopefully .manage get sausage rolls and mince pies made and pile Yorkshire pudding to freeze so not all lost 

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23 Dec 2017 15:38 in response to tigercub

Very productive in spite of everything, good on ya!

I hate a and e, spent many a ‘happy hour’ in there with my son, even paediatrics was a nightmare. On the couple of occasions I’ve been to the adult version, once, we were given a plaster to put on what could have been a nasty glass cut and had to be checked, as the nurse had a broken finger, Friday night in there, even quite early was not pleasant. Less said about the other the better, we were there nearly five hours and saw no one, not even triage. Went home, dosed him up on paracetamol and he went to bed, that was during the night obviously. Druggies, drunks and vomit everywhere. Police trying to look after some people, some were in hand cuffs. Not a great place to be with a 14 year old. 

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23 Dec 2017 20:36 in response to rileyroo

Indeed never nice places especially for youngsters.never mind glad I got checked out . hubby says it look less swollen .that's reassured me bit . sometimes I'm very strong then other times flounder .got bit scared I think cos chemo on weds and as much as I hate it I know I need it . hope I don't need go there any more . night night everyone .tired now 

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23 Dec 2017 20:55 in response to tigercub

Glad things seem to be improving, rest now if you can. It usually helps and if it gets you strong again for chemo on Wednesday then that’s what matters. 

Good night, sleep well.