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Advice: Bowel cancer, post op sickness

29 Jan 2018 22:10

Hi everyone. I’m just wondering if anyone has any advice and has gone through anything similar. My mum was very recently and suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. It’s all a huge shock and we are working through and processing - she went from feeling a little tired to *bam* cancer. 

Anyway what I’m really here for is to see if anyone has experience of post op care. She had about 10cm of her bowel removed and doesn’t have a bag  after surgery she was doing well, came home, was up and fairly mobile and eating quite well. Now, about 3 weeks after she has suddenly started feeling very sick. She isn’t always sick but often retches and has been bringing up sort of acidy stuff. She also seems to get sort of hiccups quite frequently. We think she had a bit of a cold as she’s coughing up a bit of mucus but she’s hardly eating and doesn’t feel well enough to even get out of bed most days.

We’ve been encouraging her to get up and at least sit up to try and help any acid stay down but she barely eats and says everything tastes funny. She is on omeprazole and they upped the dose but are now changing her to something else (sorry not sure what).


any advice at all would be amazing, anyone had anything similar at all and recommend what to do or any foods to try? 

Thanks in advance 



Re: Advice: Bowel cancer, post op sickness

30 Jan 2018 01:54 in response to Frankstar

Hi Frankstar.

I'm not a doctor. 

My dad had a bowel resection (not for cancer) many years ago, and as far as I recall his progress was quite steady once he came home. 

I think it's concerning that your mum was doing so well and now has had a reversal. I think this needs to be flagged up to her GP without delay. If she can't get out of bed then perhaps the GP will visit at home. 

Again, I'm not a doctor so I may be over-reacting, but better safe than sorry. .