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Adenocarcinoma of cervix. Terrified

25 Oct 2021 17:17


I had a lletz and biopsy adenocarcinoma of cervix 1.3mm x 1.3mm surrounded by CGIN so said not clear margins. Said likely stage 1a1 and I will need a hysterectomy. Ive got to wait 2 weeks to see oncologist. This will be 8-weeks since diagnosis. No scans planned. I'm terrified there is a lesion elsewhere and it's growing / spreading!! From what I've read it's so aggressive. 

any positive stories?

Adenocarcinoma of cervix. Terrified

26 Oct 2021 05:07 in response to Sadder_than_sad

Hi there

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis and understand your concern. I was diagnosed with this more than 3 years ago, but at a much higher stage, and am still here, so I hope you will consider that to be positive in itself. What I can say is that the cancer they have found is very, very tiny and it would not be picked up on a scan, hence the reason scans would not be done. 

I would recommend you stay off google as this will scare you. Adenocarcinoma is less common than squamous cell cancer of the cervix, but treatments would be the same for both. It is not as aggressive as some of the rarer forms of cervical cancer, and at your early stage would not have spread. It will not have grown in the period you are waiting for your next appointment and your treatment is likely to be highly successful. Not everyone needs a hysterectomy for this early stage cancer, but I would trust in your oncologist to make the most appropriate decision. 

I know how scary it is to be diagnosed with this cancer, but it really is very early stage and you should do very well with surgery. x