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Abnormal FIT result

23 Nov 2022 14:18 new on here.  I'm 57.  Just got my FIT results = abnormal 22.6 ug/g (apparently normal range is 0-9.9???).  GP has asked to see me again next week.  Needless to say I feel totally petrified. Wasn't expecting the result.  I read above somewhere that the result numbers go up to 1000 - does that sound right?  So I guess 22.6 isn't terrible....but they still want to see me.

Any thoughts, comments would be massively appreciated


Abnormal FIT result

23 Nov 2022 20:02 in response to JJ45

hi JJ45
Im also in the same boat.

I got my fit results last week and it was 16. Had panic initially but after reading the comments here I'm less worried now.

GP did a urgent referral and I'm waiting for consultation.


Abnormal FIT result

23 Nov 2022 20:45 in response to abnormal-fit

Thank you for sure is scary when you get a result like that when you are not expecting it.  I have to wait to see GP next Thursday (gonna be a long week)...guess they will refer from there??

Abnormal FIT result

23 Nov 2022 23:56 in response to JJ45

Hi, I had a FIT test result of 72.5 and I've just had the colonoscopy which found NO cancer. They found a few ulcers which are being biopsied & an internal pile. 

You are at the worst stage of the process- I was so full of the feeling of dread when I was waiting for a consultation date. It was a total shock to me too, I couldn't believe it. I spent ages googling everything- don't do that, it will only give you anxiety. There are a number of things that can cause blood in the stool, apart from cancer. The main thing to remember is that if there is a problem (cancer or not), you will get help soon and that's the most important thing.

Not sure where you are in the country but I had to wait about 5 weeks to see a Consultant. He took my history and then tried to use a small camera (I think it's a sigmoidoscopy?) but he couldn't see too far up.  I was then referred for the colonoscopy which was another 5 week wait. The prep for this I really didn't enjoy but the colonoscopy was fine. I had a bit of gas and air to calm my nerves, in terms of pain it was minimal and more just a bit uncomfortable (I do have quite a high pain threshold). The nurses & doctors were great and I actually watched most of it on the screen. The Doctor told me then and there that there were no tumours. I left the hospital less than 2 hours after I went in.

I am still awaiting the biopsy results. 

I'm not an expert on the FIT test but I read a report that had a graph with results varying from 0- 450, so I think there is a wide range to the results. 

Take care of yourselves!


Abnormal FIT result

24 Nov 2022 08:46 in response to dontgoogle

Thank you so does help to read what other people have/are going through.  I will come under Barking Havering and Redbridge (although we are hoping to move to Cornwall in January!!).  I will see the GP next week who I guess will refer me for a colonoscopy.

Wish you well and thank you again for putting my mind at ease (well a bit :))

Abnormal FIT result

24 Nov 2022 22:05 in response to JJ45

I am West Sussex, so hopefully the wait won't be as long where you are.

I hope everything runs smoothly (and quickly) for you, best thing you can do is try to relax & sleep well whilst you are waiting. 

Take care x



Abnormal FIT result

25 Nov 2022 07:57 in response to abnormal-fit

Hope you don't have to wait too long for your consultation