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A little worried

30 Sep 2019 23:35

Hi peeps ,

I'm 38 , and I have found a hard lump in my right breast today , feeling nervous at what it could be . I have 4 gorgeous kids and a lovely husband , dont want to be overdramitic but never noticed it before,  does anyone know what the process is , I'm in the docs first thing. Thanks 

A little worried

1 Oct 2019 16:01 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hello and thanks for your post

I'm sorry you are worried about a breast lump. Breast lumps are common and the majority are harmless. But they should be checked out just to be on the safe side. Probably,the best thing to do is to make an appointment to see your GP. They will do a breast examination and if they feel that you need further investigations then they may refer you to the breast clinic for further tests.

At the breast clinic you will see a breast specialist or specialist nurse who will examine you.You will have an ultrasound and possibly a mammogram. A needle biopsy is usually suggested if the scan shows changes in the breast that the doctors are not sure about. This does not mean that anything is particularly wrong but the biopsy will usually confirm what it is.

Waiting when you are worried is very stressful but the majority of people who are referred to the breast clinic are found not to have breast cancer.The organisation Breast Cancer Now has information on what to expect when you’ve been referred to a breast clinic and you can read this information by clicking here.  

I hope you know more about your situation soon. If you would like to talk this through with one of the nurses directly, you can telephone us on 0808 800 4040.  We are here from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Best wishes,


A little worried

2 Oct 2019 09:53 in response to CRUK Nurse Celene

Hello Celene, 

Thanks so much for your response. I have a GP referral to the local breast clinic. My doctor said it could be cancer or not,  she said  it's a hard and fixed lump. Im 38 , feeling tired but have a very busy lifestyle , 4 children , one grown up. I've been on doctor Google,  read medical journals,  extreme I know , bit I was quite jokey with the doctor,  she went quite serious in turn changed my mood , like its something more sinister. I told itll be nothing and very unlikely. I have a cough for nearly two weeks,  but its probably just a coincidence of a virus . When I go to the breast clinic ( went to the go yesterday) told it will be within 7 days , will I find out on the day the all clear or not ? 

Thanks again for your advice , just feel anxious and alone as I'm worried but told not to worry , feel like hypochondriac,  wouldn't care I hate going to the doca or the hospital.  Thankyou xxxx

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 10:33 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hello love, you sound like me last November. I just wanted to pop by and say whatever it is you will be dealt with swiftly, our NHS is fantastic. I had a core biopsy and had my results within 2 weeks. 

Your now in the "system " and you will be looked after. There is still a chance it's benign but of course our imagination will go into auto drive.


Let us know how you get on? 

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 10:57 in response to Marlyn

Hi Maryln , how are you doing now ?  Not very good with technology so just getting used to this site. Yes , I'm told I'm young at 38 ( 39 ) in May. Been reading medical journals and allsorts on doctor Google,  silly I know. Cant sleep and told its more than likely a cyst from friends etc , the doc was quite serious which made me worry more   she was absolutely lovely,  nearly cried but got out and sat in the car and couldn't stop . Had my toddler with me so felt bad then bought him a Thomas the tank and track to cheer me up and see a big smile on his face ha. 

What was your lump like , ? Thanks for responding,  hope your ok xxx

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 11:11 in response to Marlyn

I've just read your profile Marlyn , your such a strong lady ! I feel so silly worrying when I dont know what it is , especially with you and others dealing with a diagnosis.  Its was just the doc didnt look happy,  but  know one knows until I go to the clinic,  I know it's in the next 7 days . Hope your okay and still have your boxing gloves on ! :).  Did they know what they were dealing with when u went to clinic the first time ?  Thanks for your advice,  especially when you gave lots to deal with ❤

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 11:35 in response to Mumtobeauts


Im through the tunnel now, the bulk of my treatment is done. 

When I first attended the breast clinic my consultant assured me she wasn't worried and that the lump was presenting very much like a fibromadima, I had what is called the triple assessment....mammogram, ultrasound core biopsy...all perfectly doable and absolutely nothing to worry about. Of course I was gutted it wasn't! But the whole team were slick and professional, before I knew it I was booked in for surgery and the rest as they say is history...


A lovely lady on here @Chriss ‍ looked after me, she seemed to say all the right things, I will never forget her support, other ladies reached out too...their advice and help was priceless. I couldn't have gone through it all without here I am saying whatever the outcome, everything will be sure to let us know how the clinic goes? Xx

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 11:58 in response to Marlyn

Heya hun , Wow your so positive and are going through the mill . Glad you've been getting support from such a lovely lady. Its pleasant to know ladies stick together when the chips are down. Just got a text my appt next Wednesday  before 9am, so suppose I'll know then. The doc said could be the bad news or the thing you initially got diagnosed with , I don't know how to spell it.  It's not a painful lump and seems to have just appeared out of nowhere,  it is what it is. Good to know whatever the outcome , that there are solutions.  Glad you've been treated so well by the team whos looking after you,  your an inspiration and I'm starting to feel melodramatic,  I always avoid medical scenarios where I can . 

Did you feel tired at all with the lump ? I'm sure your exhausted whilst going through treatment.  I feel run down but I do have a busy life,  work evenings and trying to finish a masters. Thanks for explaining the process,  I feel like I want to go alone but my mum wants to come and so does my husband , dont want fuss though and heard it's a long day.  I'll update u on what the outcome is , glad your so positive,  positivity spreads happiness ❤


A little worried

2 Oct 2019 12:15 in response to Mumtobeauts

Lol, don't me wrong, I can be quite the drama queen and had plenty of diva moments! But you said " it is what it is" and funnily enough I used to same the same..also try and isn't something until it is something....


yes, I think I was born cream crackered!.... don't be looking too deeply into that..

your appointment is nice and early, it can be very boring so your mum and hubby will help pass the time, you will be pleased they are there...

now....put your big girl pants got this x

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 16:46 in response to Mumtobeauts


It is likely that you will get an appointment at a one stop clinic with means that you will be there for a while seeing the breast doctor and nurse, having further scans and possibly a biopsy. Depending on the type of biopsy you have you might get the results on the same day or wait a few days for it. Breast Cancer Now is a UK charity and has information about what to expect at a breast clinic appointment, you can see this information here 

I hope you hear soon soon about the appointment and if you can bring someone with you do as it can be a great support.

Take care,


A little worried

2 Oct 2019 17:55 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hi there ..

I see your getting well looked after, but thought I'd pop on to give you my take ..

Firstly your not being over worried .. your just going threw what we all went though in those early days .. it's just like you have this huge question mark over you .. and the worst is waiting for them to either say your fine or yep it's cancer .. but either way it's better to know ..

My first four call backs from mamorgrams over the years were fine... and I had some big lumps .. some moved some didn't.. one felt like a flat pebble .. but each time I panicked it doesn't get easier .. and the wait .. we have to wait for everything .. so say to your self it's o.k to feel angry or scared .. 

Now when I started on here, l had my angel too, who got me through .. and there were about 8 of us around the same time all diagnosed with breast cancer... mine was a grade 3 .. theirs were all different, and we all had different treatments .. but we got each other through the op .. which really isn't bad .. 

That was over 2 years ago .. you know wer all still here .. and most of them have now gone back to life without cancer .. ones just had a baby boy after her treatment finished .. so it's not the same as years ago .. wer all here to tell the tail .. now you have #Marlyn as your angel .. you can do this .. and no and no amount of panic will change the outcome .. so fingers crossed for a good result .. and a high 5 .. if not you can get your vertual pink pair of boxing gloves and join us in the ring ... kicking cancers ass ... 

Yea please take someone with you .. out of hubby and mum take the one who's strongest with a sense of humour .. l took my daughter in law... she held my hand through those tests .. then went for a Costa..  well let us know how you go .. sending a vertual hug... Chrissie xx

A little worried

2 Oct 2019 23:42 in response to CRUK Nurse Caroline

Hi Caroline , 

Thankyou so much,  yes m in next Wednesday at 8.15 so no time to ponder the appt luckily .Thanks for the info, Its helps,  knowing what to expect.  Was hoping for a female to examine etc  me but in the scheme of the reason it dosent really matter,  hey ho a  girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

Thanks again 


A little worried

3 Oct 2019 00:00 in response to Chriss

Hi Chrissie ,

Just got in from my night shift . Literally crying because your so lovely and #Marlyn ,and the lovely nurses who do an amazing job.  It's good to know,  that it's okay to feel angry and upset,  I keep getting told by friends and family not to worry and itll be nothing but a cyst. I know there just trying to help , I feel really tired but more likely from worry than anything else . Your so strong  with what you , Marlyn and the other ladies affected and still fighting. So lovely yo hear the positive stories too through everyone's fight.  

I also keep getting told I'm young so it's very unlikely,  bit yet the doc was so serious.  Anyway it's a bloody guessing game. But I want to thankyou that you , #Marlyn and  others have taken time away from your fight to reassure a person you have never met, it means the world and your gorgeous ladies inside and out. Thankyou for sharing your story , I thought if I just find out what type of lump I have then I'll know , but from your experience its clearly so different and any one could mean anything. Stage 3 , your so brave and Marlyn, I hope I'm as brave as you if it's bad news. My husband is my rock and my mum is quite dismissive , but I can be a bit of a yes person as I dont want to upset anyone . 

I cant believe what you and others are going through , but your positive and amazing . I will stop trying to self diagnose . Roll on next week. I need to take a lead out of your books. Literally cant believe how lovely you all are. Especially when I didnt think I'd need to seek advice on line , but if anyone knows it's you gorgeous lots . Sending virtual.hugs and a big kiss back . Thanks ❤

A little worried

3 Oct 2019 00:12 in response to Marlyn

Ha ha meee too , I thought I'd replied before work but it must not of sent. Technology is annoying . I think your entitled to be a diva , from what you've been through , bloody super trooper ! 

Yes so true , it's a lump , but could be any kind of lump , it just appeared . Ha ha how did you know , I'm a deep thinker already.  I'm sorry if I have replied but haven't realised and repeating myself . I've been wearing big nics for some time after my toddler , but I will get my biggest pair for the big day. 

All this worry , it's a waste of hours , so gunna focus on getting some sleep before next Wednesday instead of looking for miracle answers and statistics of my age. Thankyou for spending time sharing your fight ,  literally touched my heart. Glad your nearing the end of your treatment. You super gorgeous lady xxxx

A little worried

3 Oct 2019 09:53 in response to Mumtobeauts

We all flock together when the chips are down...and your right about wasting energy on worrying, worry changes diddly squat....

let us know how you get on? Xxx