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8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

10 Mar 2021 19:56

Hi, I am 31 and 8 weeks pregnant. Last Sunday I found a lump in my breast in the fatry tissue below my nipple. I went to the doctor last Friday who had a feel and straight away said she thinks it's a Fibroadenoma and to not be concerned but she will refer me for an ultrasound.  I have an appointment on 25th March at the breast clinic and I am truly beyond terrified. I just feel like I can't even enjoy being pregnant because this dark cloud is over me, I'm not sleeping and barely eating and also feel like I cannot get on with my life at all with worry! Sometimes it can feel a bit achy or tender but I do poke and prod at it a lot during the day, it definitely moves and my Gp said it kept moving below her fingers.  Has anyone ever had the same thing and all be ok in early pregnancy? I have severe health anxiety which my doctor is aware of.

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

12 Mar 2021 13:59 in response to Fata

Hello Fata

I'm sorry to hear that you've recently found a breast lump. It's understandable that you're feeling worried but please do try to keep in mind that it's not uncommon to have breast changes during pregnancy. The majority of women who attend breast clinic are not diagnosed with cancer so try to stay positive about what your GP has said. 

If you'd like to talk things through with one of our team of nurses you're most welcome to give them a call. I'm sure they will be able to offer you some support and reassurance ahead of your scan. They're available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm on 0808 800 4040. 

You might also like to have a look at the NHS website Every Mind Matters for some tips and advice on managing anxiety as well as links to relaxation techniques

Do let us know how you get on. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

11 Apr 2021 15:20 in response to Fata

Hi Fata, how did you get on at the breast clinic? I'm 11 weeks pregnant and going through the same thing. Currently waiting for my appointment and feeling so anxious! 

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

11 Apr 2021 20:10 in response to Glasgowmum

Aw I'm so sorry you are going through this. I never slept or barely ate for 3 weeks with worry! However had my ultrasound and they couldn't find anything at all. And said it's all normal breast tissue. That just feels lumpier to me as my breasts are growing due to pregnancy! I know it's so easy to say but try as best as you can to put it out of your mind, even just a few hours a day. I hope everything will be ok x

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

11 Apr 2021 20:42 in response to Fata

That's great. I'm so pleased it turned out to be nothing to worry about and hoping for something similar myself. Good advice on setting aside worry-free time too. Easy to get consumed by this! 

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

21 Apr 2021 22:11 in response to Glasgowmum

Hi Glasgowmum, just wondering how you got on?

I am 5 weeks pregnant and in the same boat. Saw GP on Monday and she's referred me to the breast clinic. Waiting for appointment and it feels like an eternity. X

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

22 Apr 2021 06:46 in response to laur84

Hi Laur84, 

Thankfully my ultrasound showed that I just had some fibrous (dense) tissue which the consultant told me would have happened due to pregnancy. It was such a relief and I hope that yours will be something similar. 

I know how hard that wait is but I ended up getting a call and offering me an appointment fairly quickly - I was seen within 10 days - so hang in there and try to distract yourself as much as possible. Hopefully it will be all done with soon and you can enjoy your pregnancy. 

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

22 Apr 2021 06:58 in response to Glasgowmum



thank you for replying, that's reassuring to hear yours was all fine, I bet that was a relief!

the doctor told me if I haven't heard by this afternoon to call and chase them for an appointment so hopefully I'll have a date today.

I am managing to keep fairly busy with my 3 year old and work so keeping my mind off it as much as I can. Xx

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

4 Jun 2021 12:38 in response to laur84

Hi @glasgowmumI 

@glasgowmum​​​​​​​Iam wondering how you got on with your appointment?

I am 16 weeks pregnant and went to the gp Tuesday with a breast lump so I am currently waiting on an appointment- it's only been a few days but the wait is agony and I am struggling to just 'forget about it' until the appt comes through. How long did you have to wait for yours and did it turn out ok? Xx

8 weeks pregnant and found breast lump

10 Jun 2021 18:21 in response to xemx

@laur84 ‍ i am currently in the same boat - I found a lump this week and went straight to the dr. I apparently now have a 4-6 wait for an appointment and only after a few days the wait is killing me! Google is a nightmare but can't help myself! X